Bayat atı birle sözüg başladım
Törütgen igitgen keçürgen idim
(Kutadgu Bilig, Verse #1, Yusuf Xas Hacib)

Hello every body
I'm AliRiza from Iran, Azerbaijan.
I'm not an Uyghur. But of course I am a Türk. Excuse my English.
For I can not speak in Uyghur Türkçe.
I'm so interested in having relationships with all Turks around the world.
I invite you to establish a discussion about the problems from which Turkish world is suffering.
We ought to know about our problems and to be aware of the ways to solve them.

Many Turks around the world are mostly having the same problem.
Like Azerbaijani Turks, Uyghur Turks, and Turkic people living in Russia.
They all are being under a pressure applied buy their politicians who are agains Turk's unity. Because they are aware of the perill of this unity for them. And they have studied history and they know about uniqe turk emperors.
But the think is that, we should not ristrict ourselves in our history, for we are living in 2007, and we should wrest our definite rights which are mostly being violated. Like ours in Iran.
In Iran we cannot study in our Mother Tongue (Ana dili, Ana tili). Our publications are so ristricted. Many Turkish books are banned, And many social, cultural and political activists are being arrested day in day out.
To cut a long story short, I need your oppinions to make myself kind of aware of what is going on all around this world.
Finally I congratulate arriving Ramadhan holy month.
And to Shias, Arriving Shaban's 15th, the birthday of our final Imam, Al-Imam Al-Mahdi.
With kind regards