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Thread: Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

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    UAA Guest

    Default Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    Dear members of Uyghur community,

    The Uyghur American Association (UAA) is going to hold a demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC to commemorate the 8th anniversary of Ghulja Massacre, which took place in February 5, 1997. UAA expects all of its members and the Uyghur community living in greater Washington, DC areas to attend this protest. Thanks!


    Chinese Embassy in Washington DC
    2300 Connecticut Ave. N.W. Washington, DC, 20008
    Tel: (202) 338-6688
    Fax: (202) 588-9760

    Time: February 04 (Friday), 2005 from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m.

    Board of Directors
    Uyghur American Association

    Soyumluk wetendaxlar,

    Uyghur Amerika Birlexmisi Ghulja Wekesining 8-yillikini hatirlex munasiwiti bilen Hitayning Washingtonda turuxluk bax elqihanisi aldida keng-kolemlik namayix elip barmakqi. Biz xu seweptin hemminglarning yilda bir ketim bolidighan bu qong namayixka aktipqanlik bilen katnixip berixinglarni soraymiz. Rehmet!


    Hitayning Washingtonda Turuxluk Bax Elqihanisi
    2300 Connecticut Ave. N.W. Washington, DC, 20008
    Tel: (202) 338-6688
    Fax: (202) 588-9760

    Wakti: 4-Fevral (Jume) kuni quxtin keyin saet 2:00 din 6:00 giqe.

    UAA Heyet Ezaliri

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    Hemimiz Guest

    Default Re: Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    Hemmimiz chiqayli!

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    UighurEurope Guest

    Default Re: Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    Good luck!!!
    support from Europe

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    turkistani Guest

    Default Re: Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    dear brothers .

    We must mack more demonstration in this world not only the matter rabiya kadeer
    our the ghulja massacres i think that we have too much differents problems but thanks for this work but we must mack more and more that the world now that the uyghurs not sleep our forget the human rights so that our country is not xingjang the name is eastan turkýstan a muslem country .why our person \our humanity forget all this massacre ýn our country place not forget that Allah ,
    see that all what we do please not for get our sitations all time

    for a better uyghur world .

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    turkistani Guest

    Default Re: Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    dear brothers .

    the easten turkistan committee cancelled the Ghulja Massacre Demonstration meeting on 6th February 2005 due to the snow. I think this isnt right. In Ghulja on 5th February 1997 many people from the chinese goverment were killed, after an event like this the meeting shouldnt have been cancelled. Our members arent interested in this matter as they should be interested in. Many groups all over the world such as easten turkistan commitee made the meetings, but the easten turkistan commitee in Istanbul Zeytinburnu and some people cancelled the meeting because of only snow. I expect your answers for this matter. Will this meeting be made another time? If this meeting wont be made this becomes wrong! Because each of us must do some things for our country!

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    turkistani Guest

    Default Re: Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    dear brothers..

    why the leaders mr.abdul veil can ,mr hizirbek gayratullah ismail jengiz,ahmet
    turköz and the differents members from the eastan turkistan migrant organation so the eastan turkistan information center so not come to this opening why this person very not strong in this work. töbe töbe töbe ...the snow is a problem not open this meeting why this person so do this all well for our countrys why today is snow what is the next day\our weeks \months we will see this leaders so the organation wait yours messages my brothers thanks too this matters...

    what our brothers thýnk from this sitatýons and leaders..

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    UighurEurope Guest

    Default Re: Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    Come on, don't be angry.

    This demonstration is not only to feed our patriotic souls, it is more a PR (public realtion) action.

    Who will be willing to take the interview under snowfall etc.?

    Another point is that our "leaders" could have anticipated so obvious bad weather conditions, and could have told in advance that they will definitely make a demonstration but a bit later... By informing in advance about the postponement would be more professional.

    I don't know, who is sitting there?

    To all my respect to WUC leaders, I DO NOT SEE any SOUND RESULTS OF THEIR ACTIVITIES.

    Oh, just give me a break, and don't tell me anything about bad weather, lack of financial reserves, unwillingness of politicians to speak out the Uighur problem. That's bulls"it!!!

    You know, you have to work it out.

    When respected Alptekin, sais: "I am a lobbyist!" - I applauded, but where is that lobbying? What is he doing? I don't see anything.

    And don't tell me that I am not supposed to know anything, because its classified information. It is another bullsh't!

    If you want really to make WORLD COMMUNITY to be aware about UIGHUR PROBLEM, you should first make your OWN COMPATRIOTS be aware what happening in the coridors of US Congress, if anything happens.

    Don't call me naive, please. Give me a break, and finally turn to your PEOPLE with your FACE - not the back.


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    turkistani Guest

    Default Re: Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    dear mr .uýghur europe < posted by > this messages .

    thanks for your messages but what your thýnk form this all organatýon and the new:exil:governments. and what we can we do better too this organatýon if my englisch not very well sorry your are a uyghur our a ?i live ýn a very nice world after i will your tell the country. but i have so differents way i hope that i can do some too my countrys Ýnsallah .
    wait your messages.. thanks..yes your messages is not very bad too this letter .
    and we have so very more gruops what your thýnk from this sitation not that your thýnk why this matter only i will now what the differents person thýnk from this sitatýonms..thanks.

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    UYGHUR Guest

    Default Re: Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    HÝS HE ARREST ???? why who is this person.. for a better inform thanks..

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    UYGHUR Guest

    Default Re: Ghulja Massacre Demonstration

    helo ,who is the person sitiwaldi <dilkex > týlivaldi .
    his he arrest ?? why who is this person.. for a better inform thanks..

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