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Thread: Uighur People

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    Default Uighur People

    Peaceful People,Like Our Father

    Kind People - Like Our Mother

    Beautiful People - Like Our Sister

    Innocent People - Like Our Child

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    Bek guzel resimler, Rehmet!
    Pictures are very beautiful, thanks for posting them

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    The Gentleman shown in the Father picture, really does look like my Dad.

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    Default Uighur People

    Well I think that the truth of the matter was really hit upon by Lew. People fear change and the unknown. It is always better to deal with the "devil" you know than to face the "devil" you dont know.

    It is the reason why women stay with wife beaters and use the children as the excuse. If I leave, how will I support them. It is the reason why people stay in places that they know are unsafe, prone to disaster, etc. etc. etc.

    Its the reason why alcoholics keep drinking. They do it to stay "blinded" to reality.

    Fear of change and the unknown create and maintain all the bad things that keep going on in our lives and keep people like Bush in power.

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    Default Excellent post !

    Excellent post ! You make some brilliant points very nice realization. keep it up gpad

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