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Thread: How do you practice? (Rope Bondage)

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    Default How do you practice? (Rope Bondage)

    My SO/myself really want to get into rope bondage, but would like me to be more "skilled/knowledged" with my rope handling skills (harnesses/scene setups).

    How do you practice these things? I've watched many tutorials, but don't think I have anything to practice on? (besides my SO, but it's kinda a mood killer with my fumbling...)

    Is there anything I can use to practice with? Thanks!

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    I think, that you need to have full trust in your partner while using bondage ropep. If you do, it feels great!! If you don’t, you will be anxious the whole time which distracts from the pleasure. Otherwise, they have complete control over you, and if you are experiencing that, then they are very interested in pleasing you too, so lay back and enjoy!

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