Uyghur News ( Thursday, Feb20, 2020)
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- More Evidence of China’s Horrific Abuses in Xinjiang

- New Leak Shows How China Targets Uighurs in Xinjiang

- China: Uyghurs living abroad tell of campaign of intimidation

- Huawei is a key player in Beijing’s anti-Muslim, Big Brother horrors

- Local Official Indicates First Case of Uyghurs Contracting Coronavirus in XUAR

- Bulgaria Blocked From Deporting Uighur Muslims to China

- Student group protests China’s Muslim internment

- It’s Time for Media to Make Religious Persecution in China a Campaign Issue

- What does it mean to have your homeland annexed by a superpower?

- Coronavirus crisis could exponentially worsen if it takes hold in Uighur Muslim concentration camps in China

- Uighur Muslims held in China camps at risk of virus contagion