Uyghur News ( Saturday, Dec7, 2019)
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[*] Chinese Cultural Genocide of Uighurs in Xinjiang
[*] ‘ I Have Told Everything’, Says Whistle-Blower in China Crackdown
[*] China threatens visa curbs on US officials over Hong Kong and Xinjiang
[*] Huawei helping China maintain ‘peace’ in Uyghur camps
[*] US Senate Must Act Now: 1-3 Million Turkic Muslims Detained By China Can’t Wait – OpEd
[*] 5 Major Suppressions the World Is Witnessing Today and One Is Still Lesser Known
[*] Congressional Roll Call: Dec. 6, 2019
[*] Woman in Netherlands says she leaked secret Chinese documents on Uighur 're-education' camps
[*] Uighurs And Genetic Surveillance In China