Uyghur News ( Tuesday, Nov5, 2019)
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[*] US: China harassing families of Uighur activists in Xinjiang
[*] China defense chief defends policy on Hong Kong, Xinjiang
[*] China Begins Testing Emotion Recognition Technology in Xinjiang Region
[*] Pompeo Says US Troubled by Reports of China Harassing Families of Uyghur
[*] US Condemns Reports of China Harassing Relatives of Interned Uyghurs Who Speak Out
[*] The Uyghur Crisis in China: Adversity, Advocacy, Activism
[*] Something Is Rotten in the State of Saudis: Non-Muslim Chinese Allowed Into Mecca
[*] US asks China to stop harassing families of Uighur Muslim activists
[*] As Abuse of Uighurs Slammed By Pompeo China Had UN Correspondents Association On Visit Amid UN Bribery of Guterres