Uyghur News ( Wednesday, Oct9, 2019)
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[*] China’s Repression of Uighurs in Xinjiang
[*] Congress questions govt over China's U-turn on Kashmir, cites Xinjiang, Hong Kong protests
[*] Sanctions over China’s human rights could strengthen US position in trade talks, says economist
[*] Erik Prince's company plans business in China province under human rights scrutiny according to financial disclosure
[*] NBA, Xinjiang Loom Over Low-Expectation Trade Talks In D.C.
[*] Diplomatic crisis after speech on Islamic welfare state lands PM in Xinjiang Muslim re-education camp
[*] Trump Slaps Visa Ban on Chinese Officials for Uyghur Persecution
[*] Mandatory DNA Collection Imposed to Expand National Database
[*] China ‘building cark parks and playgrounds’ over Uighur Muslim graveyards ‘to eradicate ethnic group’s identity’
[*] Then and now: China's destruction of Uighur burial grounds
[*] Uighurs dismayed at Istanbul mayor's decision to erect Chinese signs across city
[*] Chinese companies added to US blacklist for violating rights of Uighur Muslims