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Thread: Mawu Taiwan lik oqughuchigha millet uchun bir yardem qilip qoyunglar

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    George Washington University da Master unwani uchun oquwatqan bir Taiwanlik xitay oqughuchi bar iken. “Uyghur Bolush Uyghurlar uchun nimidin derek beridu” digen temida oqush püttürüsh maqalisi yazmaqchiken. Buningda sizning qisqiche shexsiy hikayingizni sizning resimingiz bilen beridiken. Hikayige resimim chiqmisun disingizmu bolidiken. Bek ketse yerim saet waqtingiz keter. Uyghurning ishini dunyagha, bolupmu Xitay dunyasigha bildurushte zor roli bolatti. Mushuning’gha bir yardem qilip qoyayli. English yaki Chinese qaysi tilda sözlisingiz bolidu. Bumu weten uchun bir kishilik töhpä qoshqiningiz bolup qalatti.

    My name is Yu-Jing Huang, a Taiwanese photojournalist who currently a second-year graduate student at George Washington University, Corcoran School of the Arts & Design, New Media Photojournalism Program.

    Now, I am conducting my thesis project, a photographic exploration of “what identity means to Uyghur people.” This will be a series of portraits of people holding their significant objects, which serve as reminders of “who you are.” It can be a connection between you and your homeland, your past and presence, or just a representation of you as a unique individual. If you are willing to share your stories but not comfortable with showing your face in the media, obscuring faces is an option to participate in this photo essay. If you decide to participate in the project, the portraits will be taken inside the photo studio at GWU, Corcoran School, just across the entrance of the White House at 17th Street.

    I need the portraits to be taken between October and December. The completed work will be presented in two different forms. Some of the portraits will be displayed for one month at the GWU, Corcoran Gallery for a thesis group exhibition, also, my entire project will be accessible on a website specifically designed for the project.

    My blog: https://huangyujing.tumblr.com/
    My two published work: https://www****reporter.org/a/photo-...-washington-dc

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    Shehsiy hikayisini sözläp berish ni halaydighanlar shu aspirant qiz bilen biwaste alaqilash sa bolidu


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