Uyghur News (Monday, Oct7, 2019)
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[*] US blacklists China organisations over Xinjiang 'Uighur abuse’
[*] China Has Begun Moving Xinjiang Muslim Detainees To Formal Prisons, Relatives Say
[*] Disturbing video shows hundreds of blindfolded prisoners in Xinjiang
[*] Uyghur Language School Co-Founder Detained in Xinjiang Internment Camp
[*] US blacklists 28 Chinese entities, citing their role in repressing Uyghur Muslims
[*] U.S. Blacklists 28 Chinese Companies Over Muslim Internment Camps
[*] Hopes for US-China trade deal dim amid backlash over treatment of Uighur Muslims, Hong-Kong protests
[*] U.S. blacklists Chinese tech firms, agencies, over Uighur mistreatment as trade talks resume