Uyghur News (Thursday, Sep12, 2019)
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[*] US Senate Passes Legislation to Hold China Accountable for Rights Abuses in
[*] Reports of China’s Repression in Xinjiang ‘100 Percent True’: Jordanian Journalist
[*] US Senate passes bipartisan Uighur act against China
[*] China Detains Dozens in Xinjiang For Sharing Songs From Kazakhstan
[*] Senate Passes Bill Condemning China’s Human Rights Abuses in Xinjiang
[*] US Senate passes Uygur Human Rights Policy Act calling for sanctions on Chinese officials over Xinjiang camps
[*] Uyghurs, US Senate approves bill against Beijing's abuses

[*]China Releases Award-Winning Photographer Lu Guang Who Documented Nation’s Dark Side
[*] The Emblematic Case of Dr. Gulshan Abbas One Year Later
[*] China secretly abducted a university president on a trip through Germany and convicted him in a sham trial. Two years on, he may be executed.
[*] US Senate presses action on China's treatment of Uighurs