Uyghur News (Tuesday, Aug 6, 2019)
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[*] Xinjiang Authorities Detained Uyghur Official Who Quit Due to Injury in Yarkand Incident
[*] A Muslim Man Who Had Faced Deportation To China From Qatar Is Now Headed To The US
[*] China’s Paramilitary Police Could Crush Hong Kong
[*] Damage control: China pulls out all the stops in an effort to denounce international claims of human rights abuse
[*] Church of Almighty God Members “Transformed” in Xinjiang
[*] Western Academia Helps Build China’s Automated Racism
[*] Children of Detained Uyghurs Left to Fend for Themselves
[*] Uighur man threatened with deportation to China arrives in US after urgent appeal
[*] Uyghur students in Canada fear for their families in China — and their futures
[*] Pence Meets With Representatives of Religious Groups Persecuted in China