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Thread: Latest News from Our Homeland (4)

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    Default Latest News from Our Homeland (4)

    Latest News from Our Homeland (4)

    I received some new information from our homeland through a “middle man” today: The Chinese government carried out the detention of the Uyghurs in 3 phases starting from 2017. In Phase 1, each township (社区,大队) was given a quota of 80 – 120 people. In Phase 2 each township got 150 people. In Phase 3, each got 230 people. If one multiplies 480 people/township by the total number of townships in East Turkestan, the total exceeds 6 million. Phase 3 of the detention process is still going today—The local governments are not only locking up new people, they called back the small number of the Uyghurs released before, and started to lock them again.

    Also, the local governments opened up a “court office” in each concentration camp, and those offices are now giving out jail terms to the Uyghur detainees in large numbers every day according to a “look-up table”. The people “at the top” are getting from 15 years to life in prison, as well as death sentence, and all of the people who got jail sentences are being transferred to prisons.

    The “most serious political and religious criminals” are being moved away from concentration camps at around 2:00am every morning, in an absolute silence. Other detainees learned about this only from noises of moving cars, and by noticing that some people got missing the next day. I was told that those people must be the ones being transported to other Han provinces, dispersed, executed in small groups of about 50 people each, or used for living organ business.

    The Uyghur detainees are getting sick by large numbers, and the most of them are not allowed to see doctors and get treatment. So the detainees are dying by large numbers every day, mainly from stomach cancer, liver diseases and Tuberculosis 3.

    Early this month, one branch of the Urumchi City government issued an announcement to its constituents stating that the population of Urumchi will be increased from the current 2.5 million to 10 million in 2020.

    Today (June 25), the UN allowed the Vice Governor of “Xinjiang”, Aierken Tuniyazi, to address the UN Human Rights Council, letting him to tell the world that the Chinese government is treating all the Uyghurs in East Turkestan very well. Shame on UN! Shame on UNHRC!

    Also today, the US government released a statement condemning the UNHRC and Vice Governor of “Xinjiang”. Than you, the US government!

    --Erkin Sidiq. 25 June 2019

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