Xinjiang Oil Company in Western China Deploys Panasas ActiveScale Storage Cluster

Partnership With Hong Kong-based ModernTech Delivers Second Major
Deployment in Mainland China
SEG NEW ORLEANS 2006, Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Panasas, Inc. today
announced that Xinjiang Oil Company in Mainland China has deployed the
Panasas ActiveScale Storage Cluster(TM). Through a partnership with
ModernTech Computer & Peripheral Ltd. in Hong Kong, Panasas is providing
high performance storage to Xinjiang Oil Company to help improve
reliability, increase scalability and reduce overall IT costs at the oil
company's facility in western China where aging UNIX mainframes are being
replaced with newer Linux clusters.
Xinjiang Oil Company is a subsidiary of PetroChina. PetroChina is one
of the three largest state-owned oil and gas exploration and production
companies in China. As Xinjiang Oil Company evaluated storage systems
during the transition from costly mainframe to clustered Linux computing,
the oil company selected and deployed the Panasas Storage Cluster to
replace legacy storage that was incapable of delivering the performance and
scalability needed to support their ever-growing seismic processing
applications. Currently, Xinjiang Oil Company is running 12 Panasas Storage
Clusters in conjunction with 600-node Linux clusters at the company's
Department of Earth Science in western China.
"We've been having problems trying to match the performance of our
existing storage systems with the system performance of Linux clusters for
a long time," said Jia Ya Jun, Chief Engineer of the Geophysical Research
Institute Exploration and Development Institute of Xinjiang Oil Company.
"The object-based Panasas storage solution totally turns things around by
giving us the things we were looking for-high performance, expansibility,
stability, dependability, and simplified management. Panasas storage has
resolved the bottleneck problems and provided us with greater cluster
performance for achieving our computing goals."
The Panasas Storage Cluster with DirectFLOW(TM) software is helping
PetroChina's subsidiary drive the complexity out of its Linux clusters so
that they can operate at peak performance-up to three times faster than
with Xinjiang Oil Company's previous storage-and allows IT administrators
at the oil company to be more productive. The custom DirectFLOW software
provides a fully parallel data path for direct, high-speed communications
between Xinjiang Oil Company's Linux clusters and Panasas storage. By doing
so, costly performance bottlenecks that can cause the clusters to idle
while waiting for data are eliminated.
In addition, Panasas' integrated hardware/software storage solution has
enabled Xinjiang Oil Company to avoid time-consuming and often costly
deployment problems by integrating easily with the newer Linux clusters as
well as with existing legacy compute systems. From within a single, global
namespace, the Panasas Storage Cluster has reduced many of the previous
storage management burdens so that Xinjiang Oil Company can more fully
maximize its investments in clustered Linux computing and reduce the
overall cost of ownership.
"We're excited to have Xinjiang Oil Company join our growing family of
oil and gas customers around the world whose highly competitive businesses
rely on Panasas storage solutions to help drive business efficiencies and
profitability," said Larry Jones, vice president of Marketing at Panasas.
"With the help of our valued partner ModernTech, we look forward to
expanding the deployment of the Panasas Storage Cluster to additional
customers throughout Mainland China."
About ModernTech
ModernTech Computer & Peripheral Ltd. was founded in 1985. Modern Tech
is based in Hong Kong. Over the last 25 years, ModernTech has continued to
grow and respond quickly to new opportunities with innovative, high
performance computing solutions. Today, ModernTech has expanded operations
to various markets in the region, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai,
Philippines and Singapore. Additionally, ModernTech has become the leading
computer and peripheral products supplier in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
ModernTech has been endeavoring to provide customer with the best products
and services in the high-performance computing industry. ModernTech is
Panasas' authorized agent in Mainland China. For more details, please visit .
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