Cross Party Group on Tibet in the Scottish Parliament
& Amnesty International Scotland

Invite you to attend an evening of talk, testimony and music
From the Uighur refugee population of the UK

‘Forgotten Nation’

Wednesday 13th September

Press Room, Scottish Parliament

Drinks and nibbles
Tibet has become a household name, thanks to the Dalai Lama, Buddhism and the 200,000 Tibetans who live around the world in exile. However, just a stone’s throw away, in neighbouring region Xinjiang, the Uighur peoples’ experiences of human rights abuses and their struggle for cultural autonomy within China have remained largely unheard.

There are many reasons for this lack of voice, not least because as a predominantly Muslim region, the current world climate allows the Chinese government to name those Uighurs who oppose it as ‘terrorists’.
With news of the developing relationship between Scotland and China this talk is pertinent. Scotland is in danger of becoming complicit in human rights abuses if more is not done to understand the situation in China.

This event is unique in that it represents one of the first opportunities the Uighurs have had to tell their story to the international community. As well as detailed facts, they bring with them memories and music and ask you to listen and share with them.

If you are interested, please email Michael Collie with the names of those wishing to attend (this is a must for security purposes) by Tuesday 12th September.
On the 13th, meet at 6:15pm in the public lobby of the parliament, where you’ll be able to collect your security pass.

alternatively contact the Uighur UK Assocaition