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    Question jennet-hoten

    Adam and Eve
    in Turpan Astana Tombs
    In the year of 1960, many pictures that was 1300 years ago about Fuxi(Adam) and Nuwa(Eve) had been excavated in Astana Tombs of Turpan of Xinjiang of China..A picture, which Fuxi is at the left, Nuwa is at the right, the left hand of Newe clasp Fuxi, they skew at each other with humanness. Both of the below halves of them interweave each other in the shape of snake. The left hand of Fuxi lifts up a bending ruler in the shape of rectangle. The right hand of Nuwe holds up a bow compass. The background is the "Sun & Moon" and "Constellation Map " that can be drawn it by using bow compass and rectangle ruler.

    From this picture one can knows from the beginning of the human-being.The most importantly content about human being only has one, that is the true love of the husband and wife.

    The "forbidden fruit " of Bible is Soul  
    Chinese Han Culture has three big thinking mainstays, which are Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Confucianism is the bedrock of Buddhism and Taoism in china. Fuxi and Nuwe are the primogenitor of Human being in Confucianism thinking. Although the name of the primogenitor of Human beings is different besides Chinese Cultural but the meaning of it are all the same, at the below all are called " Adam " and "Eve ".
    "The monkey transfer to Human being " It might have been thought as the truth of the universe. But I think the Body of the Human beings on earth had been created by YHWH (see in Bible), the soul of the Human being in earth was created by other things (see in the Koran) called "Yibulis"."Soul" namely "forbidden fruit " which was on the "Soul Tree "namely " Good and Evil Tree " in the Eden( see in Bible). The author could not have clearly studied who created the soul: the author is looking forward to discuss with the reader (I hope that you can contact with me).

    YHWA Cloned Adam and Eve who hadn't souls
    Long time ago, YHWH had made an animal called ADAM according to his appearance. So ADAM hadn't the SOUL at that time. YHWH had used the Gene of Adam to make a woman called Eve So that the Adam could procreate.

    Human beings appeared
    Adam and Eve had not SOUL,hence they do not have the conscious of Human beings. Afterwards, until they had gotten the "soul " from Yibulis. So they had the conscious of human beings. Consequently they had became real persons. The paragraph from Bible are added at the below.
    YHWH had ordered (the master ordered low class animal) he (refer to Adam which should translate it as IT) said:
    "There is all kinds of fruit in the yards, you can get it as you like, but you just can not eat the tree which can judge good and evil. So long as you eat it you must die! (The Soul could not be made. so after the one who has eaten it must die on the contrary. The low class animal could clone for many times. so it should not die)."
    The God YHWH made him asleep, so he was sleep. He got the one of rib out of from his body to make a woman and it was so. "They are naked and do not know what the shame is. (Because they are low-grade animals)."YHWH had created all the animals,only the snake that is even more foxily than the entire living creature in the field. The snake said to Eve: Did the God really say that you could not eat the fruit of the tree?" the woman answered to snake "All the fruit on the tree you can eat, except the fruit on that tree". God had said: you can not eat it & touch it, or you will die. The snake said to woman " You probably can not die, for God know your eyes (the eyes is window of soul) will open if you eat it so that you will see the light (That means the soul will be existent). so you can know just like the God knows". so she had eaten it (The low grade animal are easy tempted ),against the lord's will ), she also had given him the fruit to eat. Two persons(should be regard as "low class animal ")opened eyes so that they know that they did not wear anything. so made the leaves of the fig as a skirt .

    Human beings were banished
    So YHWH made the body for us, and Yibulis made the soul of ours when the soul of some one no sooner come back to the Good-Evil tree soul tree in Eden than it will begin to death. When all part of the soul dispart from the body. The people have died. then the soul did not come back to the Good-Evil tree at once, until the YHWH again made the body by using the " The Atom "which can not be damaged to make the combination of the soul and Body once more.,the person has been resurrected .
    Since the Eve and Adam had the soul, so the YHWH simply could not control them easily. had sent them to the place where has feasible environment. The Adam called the place as Eden to commemorate the old homestead they had ever had. At the below it will be called as "New Eden ".

    Human beings were flooded
    It had rained continually for forty days at one time after two thousand years. The Lop Lake had formed by the monstrous floods in the eastside of Tarim basin: it covers area more than 20,000 square kilometers.
    But the descendant of and Adam and Eve named NIYA(in English called Noya, Husband and wife who had ever lived in drainage area of Niya in Mingfen County of Xinjiang nowadays. and also their three sons and three daughter-in -law had been escaped by the skin of its teeth, because the wooden house they lived was extremely burliness, it had been floated after the rain had stopped, had reached the south bank of the Lop Lake at last after 110 days. The south bank was also called Eden(namely Edun ancient city in Milan of Xinjiang nowadays).

    Human beings began to diffuse from Milan of Xinjiang
    The descendant of the human being had begun to merge into all the place all round the world from Milan of XinJiang as a springboard, and had gradually formed the general situation distributing of the world population of today.

    Eeden was translated to Yutian in Xinjiang  
    The "Mixed state poem of west Region " by Xiaoxong in Qin Dynasty said:
    "East along the long edge of Pamir mountain
    And the smooth and fertile farmland is Eastern
    The water and smoke of six cities makes gold and jade,
    chicken and dog, as well as mulberry just like heaven "
    From it one can know the Yutian have "six cities ", From east to west sequence probably is Leliya of XinJiang (Now called Yutian county).Taknuk (It is probably located the place around the remains of the Axiqiaokturuxi castle and Asaqiaokturuxi Castle of today's (country in the Kunlun Mountain) ,Cele, Yulongkashi,Yiliqi city(Hoton city nowadays),Kalakashi(namely Moyu county).

    The early place where and "Adam and Eve the descendant of them lived motioned above, the author (Mark Zhong/Zhong Ling) demonstrates like this at the below:
    The first warrant:
    The Eden New Eden, Pamir Altiplano and the capital of ancient YuTian all have four extremely and logical river .
    Koran and "Muhamad words action Record " said:
    There have Four River which flood from the throne of the Allan in Eden of the paradise they were color fixed river, flavor fixed River. The River of Tang, and pure Honey River, Bible said: God had built the Yard which called Eden in the east , Eden Garden had been designed as well as according to the Yard of paradise in which he lived, consequently there must have been four River that flood from Eden, actually, it definitely had four River , for Bible said:
    The River (namely XinJiang Tarim River), from Eden (the Pamir Altiplano which is the highest point in the word, it take the reputation for the "The grandfather of myriad mountain) to moisten that Yard (namely Eden, which is ancient Yutian of XinJiang), where from it can be divided into 4 Roads . First one named Bisun (It follow the design of "fixed Color River"), that it encircle the whole land of Hafeila. There are Gold which is good, as well as the pearl, red a gate, second River named Jixun(It follow the design of "fixed flavor River" in Yard of paradise), that encircle the whole land of Gushi .the third River named Xidijie (It follow the design of "The River of tang "in the Yard of paradise ), which is in the east of Yashu . The fourth River, which is Bola River (It follow the design of "the pure honey River" in the Yard of paradise).
    How does the author find out the exact place of them, That is because he had deeply studied, and observed the to geography and physiognomy of the world. And read a lot about literature of Ancient China and foreign country.
    The "Mountain Sea scripture" by Wuminshi in A.D and "Great Tang Western Region Record" of Tangxuanzang(600-664AD) that the Eden have been depicted like this respectively.
    "Mountain Sea Scripture"(a book that at least 2000 years old) said:
    There is a place in the west south 400 Li away named the hillock of the Kunlun(namely it is the Kunlun Mountain on the Pamir Altiplano nowadays) .It was the lower capital of shiweidi(The Eden which we talk about is relative to the Yard of paradise Hence called lower of the capital) .
    There was a grass just like a sunflower, the flavor of it just like shallot (The Pamir Altiplano also called shallo Mountain), One eat it will be tired, water of River come out of here. Discharged to Weed in the south red water came out of here. discharged to the water of Fantiang in the east south . Yang water came out of here ,flowed into the water of Chou Tu .Black water came out of here ,flowed into the west .
    The prodrome of "Great Tang west region Record" (a book that is 1000 yars old )said:
    This is the central land of Zhanbu Continent, where a place named Anabodaduo had had many lakes, had been located in the south of Fragrant Mountain (namely Chong Mountain) also called "Tian Shan Mountain". The north of Heavy Snow Mountain (Generally refer to the mountain chain of the southern part of the Pamir Altiplano), the perimeter is about 800 miters. The bank of the lake was decorated by Gold silver Glass (Bible said that is "Gold" "pearl" and "red agate"). The Golden sand was suffuse, limpid wave just like bright mirror .The Bodhisattva from the world would like to stay here, had transferred into the King of dragon, hidden under the ground. From the Silver Cow Entrance of the eastside of the lake of Zhanbu come out of the Jia River around lake for one circle, then into the east south sea; Golden elephant Entrance that is in the south of the lake, come out of Xindu River around the lake for one circle, enter into the south sea; liulima entrance, which is in the west side of the lake, come out of Fuzou River around lake for one circle, enter into west north sea.
    Volume 20 of "Great Tang west Region Record" said again:
    To the Bomilocuan(namely Pamir). The length it is about thousand Li from east to west, and over hundred Li from south to North, The narrow place is not more than ten li that is between the two snow mountain (namely Fragrant and heavy snow mountain, which refer to the book of the prodrome), so the cold wind is chilly. snowing in spring and summer, winding in day and night. Land is bittern and salted many grovels, The plant can not be sowed, grass and trees just like nothing on earth, no one could live there. "There is big dragon lake in pomiluo chuan"(namely referred to 'Anapudaduo lake'). It is more than 300 Li from east to west, over fifty Li from south to north(same as the figure in the prodrome), in the area of big shallot Mountain, and central of the Zhubu state, the place which is at the highest point, one could see the water is clear just like a bright mirror and one can not know How deep it is and the color is blue and black. The taste of it is extremely mellifluence, The lake in which had hidden the dragon shark fish tortoise turtle dayfly mandarin duck, swan ,goose birds goose procuress, as well as the big nit of the birds , it can be picked up in the wild, or in the swampland , or on the sand beach. There was a big River of the east of the lake from east north to cha country(namely the place around kashgar of the west boundary ,it can join the River named Xiduo to flow to the east .
    Pamir Altiplano, which is the "lower capital" in the Book "Mountain see scripture" motioned above. That is also the place of "Pomiluocuan" in the "Great Tang West Region Record", There are four River emanate from Pamir Altiplano, the "water of the River" and "Xingdu River" all indicate the Indian River which pass Indian Pakistan and flow in the "Wuda"(namely the Indian River of "west south sea"(Arab sea), It follow the design of "fixed color water River" in the Yards of paradise; "red water" and "Jiahe" that it follow the design of "The Rive of the Tang" . "Yang River" and "Fuzhou River" all indicate the Arm River which pass Afghanistan, Tagikstan , Turkmenistan , Uzbecstan , and follow into "the water of choutu" namely The Arm River . also called "west north sea" (namely salted sea ) , It follow the design of "pure honey River" in the Yard of paradise.
    There were also Four rivers in Ancient Yutian, namely the Keliya River of the Yutian county, the Cele River of the Cele County. White Jade River of Hotan City, Black Jade River of Black Jade country
    The Tarim River that followed the design of "Pure Honey River" in the Yard of paradise was originally the flush of the south of end of the Tarim Basin. It can be divided into Four rivers in the Ancient Yutian, then flowed into Lop lake, it had changed into the flush of the north of the end of the Tarim basin as a result of the mountain movement, KeliYar is namely Bola River of the Bible, Cele River namely Xidijie River, white Jade River namely Jixun which is the place around Hotan City; Black jade River is namely Bisun River which is the place around the Black jade county, which had already found out the place where the agate beach of the Bible are located, but the genuine pearl is much more, as for gold, it can be always found out by tourist, or the man who picks preciousness.
    Second warrant, Noya was floated along the Niya River.
    Bible says:
    In the six hundredth year of Noah's life. in the second month , the seventeenth day of the month , the same day were all the fountains
    of the great deep broken up , and the windows of heaven were opened ,And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights .
    In the selfsame day entered Noah ,and shem , and Ham , and Ja'pheth , the sons of Noah , and Noah's wife , and the three wives of his sons with them , into the ark ;And the flood was forty days upon the earth: and the waters increased. and bare up the ark , and it was lift up above the earth .
    And the waters prevailed , and were increased greatly upon the earth ; and the ark went upon the face of the waters .
    And the waters returned from off the earth continually :and after the end of the hundred and fifty days the waters were abated
    And he stayed yet other seven days ; and again he sent forth the dove out of the ark ;
    And the dove came in to him in the evening ; and in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off :so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth
    Amd it came to pass in the six hundredth and first year , in the first month , the first day of the month , the waters were dried up from off the earth :and Noah removed the covering of the ark , and looked , and , behold , the face of the ground was dry .
    And in the second month , on the seven and twentieth day of the month , was the earth dried .
    Go forth of the ark , thou , and thy wife , and thy sons , and thy sons' wives with thee .
    Bring forth with thee every living thing that is with thee , of all flesh , both of fowl , and of cattle and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth ; that they may breed abundantly in the earth , and be fruitful , and multiply upon the earth
    "Water scriptur"(a book that 800 years old) says:
    Qiemo river flow to the northeast, passing the north of Qiemo then turn left to meet south Revier, the passing away in the east, merging into zhubin river. From Zhubin River going east to the Sansan country, entering into the Yidun Ancient city, which the place of the former luolang.
    One can deduce from "Bible" and "water Scripture Record".
    "The ark are floating on the surface of the water", it had been floating for 110 days, and all the land became dry after one year. It is such big river special physiognomy of river that only can be considered the place where it locate in Tarim Basin, and the longest inner land River in the world at that time, is called Tarim River. It still named place where Niya got off the ark by using old place name called it Eden after Niyas had gotten off the ark. The "Yuden" mentioned above is from Eden.
    Sweden explorer named Seven, Cordon had led 2 person, started from Cache county to go along the main fountain of Atrium River Yearling River by ship in 17,918,the channel of river was stagnated at the upper bank of korla river. Thereat one can know that the time 110 days is the same as the time which written in Bible.
    A big flood that just happen once in one century had occurred in 1996, it had made the entire railway and important road stopped at the same time. A lot of building had been clashed by the floods, the large quantity of people who died in flood is nothing less than the people who had died in the period of Noya, therefore one can fully believe that the flood, which just happen once in 10.000 years, had made the after effect and scale,
    In addition to :
    1, The "Niya", which is in the Niya river has a similar pronunciation with Noya. "Noya"English also called "Noya", "Niya"in Devangagen as "Niye", the pronunciation of them are similar.
    2, The Noya ark is actually a wooden building with three house, any page refer to the ark have not the word like: cabin deck, backstay, velamen as the symbol of ship, but refer to the words like three house door window and clear story etc. As the symbol of line-up house and one builds consequently, it was like the idea I just put forward staine and group travelling together had arrived in the ruins of Yina in the downstream of the river, dug the city for archeology for the first time beyond the memory of men. Afterwards the earthliness report written by stain named "west Region archeology Record" says that I had walked between two parallel reed fencing. The Road is still a country Road till now. It is just same as the one in the 17-century. The Yina ruins, which stain saw about was only the meaning of the tradition, so he justs said it.
    The Paragraph in "Xinjiang journal" says:
    One site of house had been accidentally found out in the place where it is apart from north of the traditional Yina site about 40 kilometers. When the team that consisted of Chinese-Japan Archeologist were investigating for archeology A majority of the house have been buried by sand, from the exposed part of it, one can see a remnant wall about 3.3 meter in length, there are remaining of 9 erected pole on the ground surface, the archeologist even had gathered crucible which can make bronze ware in Spring-Autumn era, stone sickle,gallipot,copper,sword , the wheel of reel, bone bead, and other typical specimen of cultural relic.
    If stain had been here at that time, he might have written such the word in the book named "west Region archeology record" as: The house had already come Through the years for more than 2100, it is still earlier than resound Longbei Ancient City, at least 200 years. Moreover the meaning of it is more far-reaching, more great and even more meaning of the world.

    Look up,is not that three house with mud, grass, fencing the model of "Noya Ark"? From the "Bible" says: "it was raining continually for forty days on the ground, the water was rising high above the ground, the ark had been floated for 150 days". It means that the floods that had made it floated had flushed all the most beefy house mud of the three house, because it is not real vessel; hence "it was floated for 150 days".

    The third warrant:
    The lake, Lop lake it assuredly can make the pigeon of Noya could not find out the place to stay. "The Old Testament genesis" says:
    He(indicate Noya) again had sent a pigeon to see if the flood receded (in fact he went to know if he reached bank penmen noted). But everywhere was water, The pigeon could not find the place to stay, then go back to the ark.
    "Mountain Sea Scripture" says:
    (Lop lake) width of the lake is 400 Li(200KM), the water is clear, even in winter will not be frozen. The maelstrom turn around just like electric, All the fowl, which will pass here, will be dropped immediately.
    So, what I just said above is right.
    The fourth warrant:
    The word "Takelamakan" has two meanings. One is "foregone homestead" second is "The foregone homestead of human beings" is namely Eden. The countless Ancient culture relic and heritage of treasure had been buried under the Take lamakan desert by the floods and big quick stand.
    The fifth warrant:
    There are many place names, River name Mountain name named "Milan" in all over the world.
    A Italian man called laliede william who live in Milan in Italy had written a letter to the No 36 Group of farming division of Xinjiang, where is also called "Milan", which say:
    I would like to contact with place called millan in all over the world. The total number is 33 according to our investigation. Four of them are in the Europe; 23 of them are in Latin America and North America respectively; 5 of them are in Asia; one of them is Africa.
    According to this as a clue, the author had consulted respective in formation that he found the place named "Milan" is all around the world. But the place named 'Milan' is the most one, it is much more than the other place name in the world. That just due to Adam and descendant of Eve had from Xinjiang 'Milan' as a springboard to all of world.
    The sixth warrant:
    "Yutian" "Eden" have similar Pronunciation The name of Hotan was first recorded in "Shiji", which was by simaqian (about 145-87BC) in chapter 123. Yutian is the tranliteration of "udun" in Turkish (refer to the "Turkish big dictionary".). As for the meaning of "Yutian", the scholar of china and foreign countries opinion have been varying since it is heretofore about 1300 years, one can not know which is right.
    The chapter 12 of the "Greet Tang west Region Record" written by Tangxuanzang says:
    Ramping over hill and dale about going for 800 Li to the Qusadana country (namely Yutian country during the Tang Dynasty). It was called Piru in Tang Dynasty, was called Hana Country in vulgarismwas, and called "Yuden" by Hun. Hu called it Hedan, it was called Qudan by Indian, former named Yutian that is wrong.
    The Yuden the Hun called it "Yuden" was written in "Turkish big dictionary" in 11 century as "dun" "Yutian" "Eden" has similar pronunciation. So my truth of the contention has been proven at last.
    ---------by Mark Zhong of Xinjiang of China

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