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    The craziest looking Uyghur man I've ever seen. He was travelling west to Hotan, but with more than 100km to go I wonder how long it took him?
    From:chris (Wed May 11 20:28:41 2005)that dude is so awesome. is that someone traveling with him? did you talk to'em?
    From:manning (Thu May 12 05:32:59 2005)Yeah, that was either his daughter or his wife, from what I could see...which isn't much, since she was wearing some sort of burka.
    From:cph (Wed Jun 1 00:15:22 2005)That guy looks like he's been traveling for 500 years or something.
    From:Chicago (Mon Aug 1 13:53:20 2005)the guy was travelling with bare feet, meaning the distance is merely a piece of cake....
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