International crowd of over one thousand marches opposite the White House to celebrate the disintegration of the Chinese Communist Party
By Yi Ping
The Epoch Times Jul 26, 2006

WASHINGTON, D.C.— On July 21, 2006, about 1,500 people from all over the world gathered in Lafayette Park opposite the White House in Washington D.C., to support over 12 million Chinese who have renounced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). More than a dozen China experts and scholars of Chinese issues from different countries and social domains analyzed the inevitable trend of the disintegration of the CCP from various angles, based on the current political situation. They called upon the people of China to quit the CCP.

Editor-in-Chief of the Washington D.C. chapter of The Epoch Times and American Catholic University professor Nie Sen explained that this international rally was sponsored by the Global Service Center of Quitting the CCP and The Epoch Times, with the assistance of over 100 community groups and non-government organizations on Chinese issues. Speakers had come from Europe, Asia and North America.

Dr. Gao Dawei, the founder and chairman of the Global Service Center ofor Quitting the CCP, said that the tide of spreading the Nine Commentaries and promoting the three withdrawals from the CCP and all its affiliated organizations is quietly changing the world everywhere it goes, including mainland China. Many Chinese people are awakening; so are Western societies.

Former Xinhua News Agency reporter in Paris and former Radio France International (RFI) China department director Mr. Wu Baozhang pointed out that it has been less than two years since The Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries editorial series in November 2004. However in these short 20 months, the Chinese people's thoughts and the political situation have undergone epoch-making changes. The Nine Commentaries has completely broken through the shackles of thought the CCP had imposed on the Chinese people for almost 100 years, and triggered the grand tide of over 10 million people quitting the CCP. Judging from the many symbolic events that had happened over the past year, the disintegration of the CCP is inevitable.

Liu Zhengdao, MD, Ph.D., dean of the Medical Institute of Natural Healing in San Diego, introduced a report evaluating medical statistics from the CCP's organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners in China. The result of his investigation is the same as the conclusion drawn by the two Canadian investigators, international human rights lawyer Mr. David Matas and former Member of Parliament Mr. David Kilgour. Liu Zhengdao said, "My heart is extremely heavy when I publish this report today. No country is able to arbitrarily kill people for their organs, only the evil CCP is able to do it."

Human rights lawyer Ye Ning of New York and Washington D.C. said that the CCP's live organ harvesting is used for trade. They not only harvest human kidneys, hearts, marrow, skin and corneas, but also set prices for these live organs, promoting and advertising it everywhere to sell them in the international organ marketplace. This is an atrocity that shakes human conscience and is the shame of the entire human race.

(Lisa Fan/The Epoch Times)Gao Dawei said that since the publication of the Nine Commentaries, over 12 million Chinese have withdrawn from the CCP. While the CCP is controlling the entire state apparatus, spending billions of dollars on blocking internet and news, and brutally persecuting and suppressing Falun Gong practitioners and volunteers of the Global Service Center of Quitting the CCP who spread the Nine Commentaries, these 12 million Chinese have chosen to say goodbye to the CCP.

Mr. Tang Baiqiao, Chairman of China Peace, said that for the 20 years since the end of the cold war, one fifth of the world's population had been ruled by a regime that has consolidated its power through very ignominious means. On the one hand it courts the West through its economic diplomacy, all the while decrying the universal rights of democracy and freedom, and on the other hand, it supports Saddam and the former Iraqi regime, Palestine, Iran, Cuba, North Korea and other countries regarded as evil by the United States government

Mr. D.J. McGuire, Executive Director of China e-Lobby, said that there are lots of international crises now ― North Korea test-fired missiles, the Middle East conflict, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that there are those people, whose only concern is with these crises, who might think that such a meeting is not that important. He said, "They are wrong, because today, as we stand up against the Chinese Communist Party, we take a stand against not only an evil and brutal regime, but against the one entity that has been the benefactor of every enemy of freedom in the aforementioned crises. The Chinese Communist Party is not only a threat to the Chinese people but also the greatest threat to democracy in the world."

Mr. Wu Fan from Los Angeles, the editor of the China Affairs website, said there are generals in the Chinese People's Liberation Army who have addressed the question of how to demolish the Chinese Communist Party, and two days ago, a website to accelerate this demise and plan China's future was established. This forum is a platform for all Chinese people to discuss this issue.

Mr. Wang Jun, Chairman of the China Democracy Party World Union said, "We should unite global democratic forces to protest against the one-party dictatorship and establish a democratic China so that all Chinese people can live in a free democratic system."
Mr. Tomasz Kowalski, an economic analyst from Poland said, "I am here today to tell the Chinese people that at the end of the Polish Communist tyranny, the platform of the media is very important and the free flow of information is also very important. External solidarity is so paramount that makes us aware that people in other countries are helping us."

After the assembly, the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP and a hundred other groups hosted a march in support of the 12 million Chinese people who have quit the CCP so far. The march started from Lafayette Park opposite the White House and ran for two miles past U.S. government agencies, corporations, law firms and other office buildings and it also passed through Chinatown. The marchers carried banners and placards to promote the popular Nine Commentaries, quitting the CCP and the truth of the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong.