UCA Urgent Appeal

To the Attention of Hon. Peter MacKay

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada

April 07, 2006
Regarding the recent arrest of Huseyin Celil,

Canadian National in Uzbekistan.

Mohamed Tohti
President of Uyghur Canadian Association
416 825 8641

Dear Minister

UCA (Uyghur Canadian Association) is strongly condemning the recent arrest by Uzbekistani authorities of Canadian citizen of Uyghur origin Mr. Huseyin Celil. Mr.Celil, 37, is originally from Eastern Turkistan, labeled as Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region by Beijing’s government. UCA demands Uzbekistan’s government his immediate release and ensure his safe return to Canada.

UCA repeats its call for you to intervene this case immediately by using all available resources to stop Uzbekistani Authority's deep intention to send him back to China where he faces possible torture even execution.

According to the statements of his wife Komila Telindiyeva, reported on AFP, he was arrested on March 27th in Tashkent city of Uzbekistan, while he was processing the extension of his stay in this country.

“This arrest is another alarming signal for all Uyghurs around the world”, said Mohamed Tohti, President of Uyghur Canadian Association, and at the same time it is a wake-up call for Canada to protect its citizens”.

Mr. Celil has campaigned for the religious rights of Uyghur people while he was in Eastern Turkistan and imprisoned for “conducting illegal religious activity” by China’s authorities’ definition. After his escape from Chinese prison in 1996, Beijing’s government issued the arrest warrant for his detention. Mr.Celil was granted a refugee status by UNHCR and came with Canadian government’s sponsored assistance program to Canada.

UCA deeply regrets that the overwhelming majority of active Uyghurs in Canada are force to give up their basic rights and privileges of the liberty of the expression as a Canadian due to China’s pressure and harassment of their relatives back at home, who are virtually taken hostages by Chinese government.

Living in the constant fear and sacrificing their rights is a dilemma for the majority of Uyghurs in Canada.

China has successfully put up pressure on neighboring countries in cracking down Uyghur dissident’s voice raising alarm on constant human rights abuses in People’s Republic of China. Since the establishment of Shanghai Cooperation Organization China has widened its severe crackdown networking on Uyghurs in Central Asian states, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Chinese authorities hijacked the international campaign against terrorism since the 9/11 events in USA to justify their oppression of the peaceful opposition of Uyghurs to the brutalities of the Communist regime.

The arrest of Mr.Celil in Uzbekistan is the extension of the ongoing Chinese campaign which terrorizing entire Uyghur population regardless of where they live.

Canadian government should be aware of the current situation and to take this call seriously since what at stake now is the dignity of Canadians as a whole.

UCA once again urging you to intervene the situation immediately, before it is too late, by
dispatching high level personal from Canadian diplomatic Mission in Moscow to Tashkent and inform Canadian diplomatic Mission in Washington put utmost pressure to stop Uzbekistani government’s intention to send Mr. Celil to China.

UCA is kindly reminds you that China is playing behind the scene to bring Mr. Huseyin Celil, former political prisoner, back to China to curb overseas Uyghur democratic movement. UCA calls upon our government officials to do utmost effort to safeguard the safe return of Mr. Huseyin Celil to Canada and take necessary steps to prevent the similar event from happening again.

Your truly