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Thread: Azarbayjandiki Helqaraliq Muqam Festivaliga Hitay wekil bolup beriptu

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    Angry Azarbayjandiki Helqaraliq Muqam Festivaliga Hitay wekil bolup beriptu


    Mugam links with northwest China
    Tue 29 March 2011 09:43 GMT | 5:43 Local Time
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    An expert in traditional Uyghur music has commented on the similarity between Uyghur and Azerbaijani mugam.
    Prof. Li Ji-lian of the Xinjiang Arts University visited Baku to attend the Second International Mugam Festival.
    She said the festival had allowed her to find out more about Azerbaijani mugam and draw parallels between the two styles, AzerTAj reported.
    The Chinese professor welcomed the inclusion of Azerbaijani mugam in UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage.
    The Uyghur mugam of Xinjiang has also been included on the UNESCO list.
    The Uyghur are a Turkic people who live mainly in the northwest Chinese region of Xinjiang.

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    Angry Oghri hitay

    Muqamnimu 'ayrilmas bir qismi' qiliwilish koyigha chushuptide bu nomussizlar!

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