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Thread: Akusudiki okuqilar wakasi

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    Default Akusudiki okuqilar wakasi

    Hormetlik kerindaxlar mawu yerde Aksudiki weke tohirsida resimlerni qaplap koydum. Bala kelse yanila Uyghur biqerilerning bexiha kelemdu.


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    " The report cited the staff member as saying the attacks were sparked by "injustices" against Uyghurs by Han Chinese in the region. “Two months ago in Kashgar [city], there was a big traffic incident and 14 Uyghurs were killed. But we heard that the Chinese driver had not been prosecuted and the families of the victims had not been compensated,” he was quoted as saying."

    Ikki ay burun bolghan ix iken. 14 uyghur oluptu. ejep bu toghurluk hewer anglimidukku?

    Uyghur olturliwatidu,etiliwatidu, kiriliwatidu. turmige soliniwatidu, qetke kikiliwatidu. buninghga kongul buludighan bir doletmu yok........................

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