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Thread: Letter to Canadian CRTC

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    Uyghur Canadian Ass Guest

    Default Letter to Canadian CRTC

    Ms Diane Rheaume
    Secretary General
    Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A ON2

    Dear Ms Rheaume:

    Re: Broadcasting Public Notices CRTC 2005-123 and 2005-124 - Great Wall Package - CCTV

    On behalf of the Uyghur Canadian Association, we object to the application by the Canadian Cable Television Association (CCTA) to distribute in Canada a package of ten Chinese language channels (Great Wall Package) 9 of which includes channels from the People's Republic of China.

    It is well known that the television stations included in this package, the most obvious being the CCTV, are owned and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). CCP asserts complete control over the press and the media's role of transmitting the views of people to the leadership are limited and carefully regulated. Radio and television broadcasting are under strict Party and government control and is used to propagate an orthodox ideological line. All forms of broadcasting are under the auspices of the Central Television, Radio and Film Administration or their equivalent local branch of government. There are no independent television stations operating in China.

    The following are examples of the CCP's control over Chinese media:

    a. Chinese Media, as a official propaganda apparatchik of Communist Party, are playing a crucial role in justification of the CCP’s systematic and gross violation of Human Rights of Uyghurs in East Turkistan and cruel crackdown of peaceful opposition.

    b. In November 2004, the CCP Propaganda Department blacklisted six writers for writing about their support for political reform in China;

    c. The Committee to Protect Journalists issued a report describing China as the leading jailor of journalists for the 6th consecutive year. Abdugheni Memetimin, Nurmemet Yasin and other Uyghur journalists are included in the list.

    list could be extended with further examples.

    In the early 1990s, Mr. Raymond Chan, now the Minister for Multiculturalism, publicly asserted that the Chinese government of manipulating a Chinese-language community television station which was operating in Vancouver and Toronto.

    In 1993, the CBC's The Fifth Estate sounded a warning about China's efforts to control Chinese-language television in Canada, which the CRTC failed to heed. As a consequence, Chinese-language press in Canada have and continue to be pressured into practice self-censorship on matters which China deems to be 'sensitive" which includes criticisms of the CCP; China-backed newspapers are being established in Canada; Chinese-language reporters are selectively picked to attend press conference based on their support of the Chinese Consulate in Canada

    To reiterate, the CCTV is state-owned and operated, and is tightly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. It is imperative that the CRTC carry out its due diligence in considering this application. Canadians do not want to be complicit in any form of censorship or in the dissemination of government propaganda the likes of which the CCP relies on CCTV to promote.

    The CRTC is obliged to safeguard the principles of freedom of expression and of the press that Canadians value.


    Mohamed Tohti

    President of Uyghur Canadian Association

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    Turdi Ghoja Guest


    Great job, Memet!
    Keep up the good work.


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    Unregistered Guest


    Radiyodin hewer begende Hitay Kanadagha 9 dane tilivizor qanili quridiken digen gepni anglighan idim. bu hettin melum bolishiche, Hitay Kanadada 9 telivizor qurushqa iltimas qilmighan. likin Hitayning 9 qanilini Kanadada anglitishigha ruhset berishni telep qilghan.
    qaysi toghra boldi
    radyoda digendek Hitay Kanadada 9 qanal quramdu yaki ozining 9 qanilini Kanadada anglitishqa ruqset sorawatamdu?

    chushendurup qoysangla qandaq?

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    Vancouver Guest

    Thumbs up Great Job! Thank You Mr. Memet!

    yaxshi ish qipsiz, qizghin tebriklesh bilen birge yana teximu utuqluq ishlargha tilekdashmen.

    Yana bir ish, eger biz biraz tirishsaq, belki Canada'da Multi Cultural programma asasida televizor programmisi qilalishimiz mumkin. NED we shuninggha oxshash teshkilatlardin paydilinip, hokumet yardimigimu erishkili bolar. Sizge Rexmet!


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