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Thread: Get paid to shop!

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    Default Get paid to shop!

    Kurban Heytinglargha mubarek, kerindashlar!

    Men Quixtar company ning IBO bolush supti bilen, silerni www.quixtar.com nerse elishinglarni chakirmen. Uningdiki mallar Mall of America dikin kop. Siler herkandak mallarni online da alalaysiler. 100% money back guarantee eger siler maldin hoshal bolmisanglar. Herkandak mallar silerning oyliringlerge ekilip berildu.

    Uningdin bashka eger customer malum miktarda mal alsanglar silerge reward berimen. Mening website:

    www.quixtar.com, andin, "find products" ka beringlar. Malni buyrutmakchi bolsanglar, men bilen alaka kilinglar. Email address: guzelweten@yahoo.com


    I have recently become an IBO for Quixtar. I know all of us shop at different stores from Target to Macy........etc, however, we do not get paid. If you shop through me, I will offer some exciting opportunities:

    1. Every dollar you spent, you get a point. In other words, you receive some rewards.
    2. You get superior products with 100% money back guarantee.
    3. I ship the products to your home directly after you order within me. You save gas, parking fees and time...etc.
    4. If any of you like the products and if you like to build financial security and to be your own boss, then I will bring into this business and train you as an IBO (Independent Business Owner).

    Do not give up this opportunity. Please contact me if you have any questions about the products or business opportunities. Remember, you can buy anything from me. My email address: guzelweten@yahoo.com

    Please put www.quixtar.com to your favourate list and shop there any time, anywhere, anything and at any price.

    Thank you!

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    only in D.C or in across the country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    only in D.C or in across the country.

    Anywhere in the US.

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