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    Habibullah and Abdusettar from Ghulja and Nuriddin from Shahyar region of Aksu, survivors of the bloody repression on February 5, 1997 in Ghulja , had fled to Almaty in Kazakhstan. After finding a resort in Almaty, they married to resident Uygur women and were able to get temporary residence permission. The decision of the Kazakh government to extradite Hemit Mehmet, İlyas Zordun and Kasım Mehpir, who had also been involved in the bloody February 5 , 1997 Ghulja repression on pressure from the Chinese government constituted a serious threat to the security of these three men and thus they decided to move with their families to Pakistan in 1998. Between the years 1998-2005 they lived as refugees in different parts of Pakistan.

    Although starting in 1998 these three Uygur families contacted the UN refugee office (UNHCR) and embassies of Western countries in Pakistan with requests to be accepted as political refugees several times, their requests were refused over these seven years. Till 2004 they had to migrate to different cities of Pakistan, where they lived as refugees, always insecure of their future.

    In 2004 the three young Uygur families found a resort in the Miranshah region of the district of Vaziristan in Pakistan. But this spring they had to move from Miranshah as well, having once again lost the chance of a secure life. In Mid July 2005, the three families consisting of 23 people - including two 60 and more than 70 years old women, 5 men, 5 women, 11 children between the age of 6 months and –15 years started their way with the hope to find safer place to live.

    On their way out of Vaziristan-Miranshah in a Toyota and Jeep cars, the 23 people faced a strict control at a check point by Pakistani police guards. During the checking process, two Pakistani soldiers beat the old women with their arms. This action caused the young Uygur men to intervene and the incident got out of control and the armed Pakistani police circled the group and opened fire on them killing all 23 people. Finally, their cars were destroyed with a rocket missile.

    After the massacre, local people who came by and witnessed the scenery of killed children and peoples arms and legs scattered around became furious and attacked the police with their arms. High-level officials of the Pakistani military forces and of the Pakistani police who were informed about the horrible event, made an apology to the people and covered this issue on the spot. They took away the dead bodies and the remains of the burned out cars.

    Since many years, Pakistan is supporting its communist, fascist friend China assisting it in or participating itself in the mass killing of people in East Turkistan without any responsibility, or delivering Uygurs by force over to Chinese execution.

    The police circles of Pakistan are continuing to commit with crimes such as supporting the Chinese aggressor in the arrest of the East Turkistan people, thus the Uygur Muslims, their brothers in religion–, accepting rewards from China for their actions in damaging or killing Uygurs as well as assisting in other racial killing and acts of state terror by China.

    We call the world community and the people of East Turkistan to show their resolute response to these bloody killings.

    East Turkistan Information Centre


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