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Thread: college student seeking help

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    diego1016 Guest

    Default college student seeking help

    Hi, my name is Diego Arenas. I am a sophomore at Florida Atlantic University and an anthropology major. right now i am working on an ethnography paper for my Peoples around the world class. My topic its on Uyghur religion and post-modernism, on how it has changed through out the years and mainly on how modernism has changed religion I am doing my research at the moment and came upon this website. i woudl really appreciae if anyone could help me with it by any means; maybe some link to websites that talk about it, personal toughts or experiences, anything would be greatly appreciated it.
    thank you very much

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    ANN Guest

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    Oh,that is a hard job.

    I know a website,www.uighurislam.com, unfortunately, they don't have English version. If you know Uyghur,Turkish,or Arab, it might help you.

    You can also find some information from google.com by entering Uyghur Islam. But I suggest you check the university library database. Usually,library resources are more reliable. Good luck.

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    Uyghur Advice Guest

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    There is an e-mail group, may be you can get the relevant help from that

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    turdi Guest

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    I suggest you to formulate a couple of specific questions and post them on Uighur-l@taklamakan.org
    There might be people on that list who can help you. You can also post your questions here. We can try to answer.
    If you have not signed up for Uighur-l, you can send an email to:majordoma@taklamakan.org
    include "subscribe Uighur-l" in the body.

    Good luck,


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    Reading advice Guest

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    You may start your research by reading following author's book on Uyghurlar:

    Mackerras, Colin, 1939- His:

    Ethnicity in Asia / edited by Colin Mackerras.

    The Uighurs

    Dreyer, June Teufel, 1939-

    Andrew D.W. Forbes.

    And there was another key author, I forgot his name, he was an ethnologist/Anthropologist, he has written few articles and books on Uyghurlar of Turfan and other aspects of Uyghur culture, history.

    Hope this gives you some clue for your beginning.

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    arslan yolwas Guest

    Default Re: college student seeking help

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    Adekuoroye Olusola Guest

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    My name is Adekuoroye Olusola , i have my result, but i came from a poor family
    i did have money to continue to university.i need help to me,if request is consider i will be very happy

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    ask kash Guest

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    hi. maybe i can try to help with your paper. askashed@yahoo.co.uk

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