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Thread: A picture speaks a thousand words

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    Turdi Ghoja Guest

    Default A picture speaks a thousand words

    China says majority of the dead from the Urumchi violence are Chinese, but Uyghurs dispute that. According to eyewitnesses majority of the dead are Uyghurs. Police fired at Uyghurs to cause 800 – 1000 deaths. The following picture proves Uyghur allegations.

    If the Chinese police do this while the international media is watching, you can only imagine what they might do when no one is looking behind the closed doors.

    That is after all why these women in the following pictures grieve that much, because they know that they may not see their beloved ones again.

    That is why these people took to the streets Friday, risking being arrested and tortured themselves.

    Chinese mob were given a free ride to terrorize the city. Look closely at the picture at the first link, police do not seem to be trying hard to stop them, do they? Can you imagine Uyghurs walking around like this with sticks and other weapons in their hands?

    Was this guy trying to win some kind of photographer award? Some of these images came to light because of people like him. But, do not count on my vote.

    Scared from attacks like this:

    Uyghurs fleeing the city like these:

    Because, the Chinese have this:

    And Uyghurs have this:

    We should copy placards like these.

    At the end, I hope we do not have any body left among us who needs to borrow courage from these women.

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    Unregistered Guest


    The world already know, the Chinese government carefully crops out the news and images that it wants the world to see and hides the facts on the ground as it did during the Tiananmen Square massacre 20 years ago and Ghulja uprising 12 years ago.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default You can put all of them to CNN iReport(

    anyway, this is CNN worldwide and shared many people in the world... There is one that have put there a day ago:

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs up Picture speaks for itself

    Very nice work, Turdi. Thanks.
    Every Uyghur should do some work, no matter how tiny it is: talk to your next door neighbors, distribute flyers and so on. We need to get all the supports we can get. The fight is not only the fight of the people back in East Turkistan, it is the fight of every Uyghur aganist communist China.

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    Turdi Ghoja Guest


    In the the following picture 4 years old Uyghur girl Aliye was walking on the street with her pregnant mother when her mother was shot. The bullet must have deflected from the clouds in the sky since the government denies shooting at people.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs up I am Uighur Turk

    From the google search news on Uighur. I found many free journalist have their email address next to their report. I will send these links to them.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default glass window shot

    Obviously, many bullets shot. I bet many evidences of massacre was washing away by those murderers.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs up bunimo kuxip koyayli

    this is the proof of the Shaguan killings/.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default terrible abuse on Uighur fellow students by disguised police

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Hindinoziyediki Namayish

    声援新疆穆斯林 印尼人*国使馆外搞示威


    法新社 2009-07-13 08:57:07

    印尼穆斯林为声援*国维吾尔族人, 天在*国大使馆外示威,呼吁发动「 战」,并与安全*卫发生*暂冲突。

    数十名抗议者高喊口号,呼吁发动圣 ,援助*国西北地区的穆斯林。*国 北部汉族与维吾尔族之间的冲突迄今 *成逾180人丧生。

    抗议民众也要求印尼政府采取行动, 制新疆发生的「种族*杀」。

    抗议民众发表声明指出:「我们呼吁 尼政府对*国政府施*外交压力,立 遏*对新疆穆斯林的暴力行为。」

    「如果外交手段失败,我们建议印尼 府与*国*交,并抵制*国产品。」

    印尼其他城市也举行类似的抗议行动 印尼人口约2亿3400万,是全球穆斯林 多的国家。

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