Recommendation from Germany

I have just read the statement by the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on July 7, 2009, .

Uyghurs should make more use of the international media in order to present their version of the story. China is trying to sell a story that is absolutely against Uyghurs and East-Turkistan. Uyghurs, you need to tell the world that you are not Chinese and that you want to live in peace in your own country, namely East-Turkistan. You need to tell international media that the Chinese are trying to get hold of East-Turkistan and that they are forcing you to be subjects of their communist regime against your will and culture. The idea, for example, that Uyghurs who protested in their own country for independence may be executed according to Chinese communist policy is appalling and sickening.

If Chinese want to live in East-Turkistan, then they need to learn Uyghur-Turkish and comply with Uyghur culture and policy. This is common throughout the world, and if China wants to be a global player she has to learn to understand that not everyone is Chinese or wants to be Chinese.

With her press statements, China is trying to gain the consent of other countries. However, China is presenting a one-sided story and restricts even foreign reporters who travel to East-Turkistan to get to know the area. China is trying to block foreigners from getting to know Uyghurs, and, vice versa, Uyghurs from getting to know foreigners.

Besides media outside China, there is also plenty of international critical media, i.e. journals, newspapers, online-forums etc, within China that Uyghurs in exile may want to make use of. They surely are interested to hear the Uyghur side of the story, especially after the recent incidents.