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Thread: Can someone tell the world about the event now in Urumqi?

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    Default Can someone tell the world about the event now in Urumqi?

    Dear all.
    A lot of people are caring about the situations now in Urumqi.
    Since the language you use is not that easy for us to understand, Please someone translate the messages to english.
    Thank you, bless.

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    Default uyghurs

    uyghurs held peacefull protest against chinese local government to stop taking uygurs to chinese cities for cheap labour due to the hate crime took place in guangdong province in china last week total death reached 60 people they were beaten to death this hasnt been report by any media around the world therefor uyghurs went on street today to expressed their anger against chinese goverenment in capital city urumqi xinjiang province about 10,000 university students went on street and about other 10,000 people joined them but they r all been detanied by the army and police so far 30 people students had been shot to death by police and thosands injured..plz help us to broadcast this heart breaking news to the world..and help uyghurs ...let world to hear uygurs voice..thank u

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    Default New Video gegen China In Uyghuristan

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    Dozens of Uyghurs workers were killed and hundreds were injured in Xuri Factory in Guangdong province by brutal attack by Han Chinese workers. At time of the attack, those Uyghur workers were sleeping in thier dorms. The attack started 12:30 and ended 5 in the morning. The police came hours later. The Uyghur workers were young farmers and forcedfully taken to the factory by government. Being farmers, they very peaceful people.
    Radio Free asia has ful details.

    The Urumqi protest was against Chinese brutallity towards Uyghur in Guangdong. That was peaceful before the police involvement.

    Uyghur are not allowed live thier homeland as human

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