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Dear all,

Reporters Without Border (RWB) together with Amnesty International (AI) will hold a two day conference on the subject of Minority group Freedom in Conflicted Areas : Cambodia. Pakistan .Burma .East Turkistan .Tibet .Congo . The conference will take place on 4.and 5 June 2009 in Paris. This event is intended to analysize and discuss a series of key issues that have affected the promotion of Minority group freedom in conflicted areas.

We hope you will give positive consideration to this invitation, and look forward to hearing your perspective on issues like how to promte human right in conflicted areas and ways to liberate oppressed group .etc

Sincerely yours,

Dominique Loper

Programme Coordinator

47 rue vivienne

75002 Paris – France

Tel. 33 1 64 83 84 84

Fax. 33 1 45 28 11 51

E-mail :