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Thread: Murat Nasyrov famous uighur pop singer in Russia

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    Taklamakan Guest

    Default Murat Nasyrov famous uighur pop singer in Russia

    Murat Nasyrov, famous uighur pop singer, who moved from Kazakhstan to Russia to pursue his career became very famous in Russian Federation. His popular songs in russian made him well-known among russians and opened to people a bit the world of uighur culture and history.

    By profiting from this popularity, Murat Nasyrov, wrote a new album, 100% uighur ethnic music, with songs about nativeland and love. A couple of russian news agencies commented this and gave a credit to Murat's dedication.

    The album cover u can find here...
    http://www.nasyrov****/ - official site of the singer...

    the music u can link here

    http://www.assalam-dostlar.biz/modul...urat%20Nasyrov (put the whole link)...


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    Junaiden Guest

    Default Re: Murat Nasyrov famous uighur pop singer in Russia

    Assalamu-alaykum hormatlik uyghur kerendashlerem agar selarda 06/04/05 deke

    Hussyin belan Zahra ing toy resemlere bolsa, magga ber e-mail kelep bargan


    Selarden sorap,

    Junaiden Salayden.


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