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Knife Wielding Mini-Terrorist Cell Busted in Urumqi
Written by Porfiriy on 10.07.2008 | News Updates

Uyghur music is known to be lethal in many cases.

Hasan, why are you running at me with that 50 cm long Uyghur musical instrument?

Originally, the details disclosed by various news agencies described police retaliation against some non-ideological hooliganism that occurred in Xinjiang - earlier, a small band of ruffians invariably described as a “gang” banged up an Urumqi beauty salon, killing an employee in the process, the police, in turn found the gang’s hideout and were forced to kill 5 of the gang members when they violently resisted arrest. Obviously, journalists were all keen on noting that the violent Los Angeles style gang-attacks and police crackdowns just so happened to occur in a region of China where authorities are trying to bottle up Islamic discontent before the Olympics, but none went so far as to assume, yet, that this little police-gang run-in had anything to do with Islamist militants or Uyghurs. Some outlets, such as CNN, went so far as to explicitly note, that at the time there was no cause to believe in a connection:

"In an apparently unrelated [to Islamic terrorism and Olympic security] report, Xinhua said police shot and killed five suspected gang members in Xinjiang when one of them stabbed an officer while resisting arrest during a raid. Eight suspects were detained, and two alleged gang members were taken to a hospital with injuries, the report said."

"Some of the suspects were accused of storming into a beauty salon with knives and injuring the owner, the report said. It gave no other information on the motivation for the raid or why the other suspects were killed."

Emphasis mine. Also check out the Interntional Herald Tribune’s initial article on the incident, here. Very little information, and a correspondingly short article, a la: “Violence in Xinjiang, which also happens to be a place where there’s ethnic and religious unrest.”

So in terms of these news articles, obviously they were basing their scoops on some initial report released by a Chinese state agency, a report I’m still looking for. Why? Because with remarkable speed Xinhua released an updated versoin of the story, going from a bare-bones report on gang-style violence in Xinjiang’s capital to a relatively more in-depth report where the criminals in question get ethnicity (all Uyghurs), motivation (extremist Islam), intent (kill lots of Han), and weapons (only knives, but some up to 50cm in length!). Here’s the report as it stands on the English language Xinhua Net. And the IHP article linked above is even more instructive because it illustrates the rapidity with which the initial information evolved, or altered, depending on how you look at it: IHP’s coverage before, and after, with all the new hot info on angry Uyghurs with knives. To be fair, IHP (being a French newspaper, of course), also sharply notes China’s tendencies to quickly blame Islamic terrorism for unrest of any nature in Xinjiang.

So again, we’re in a situation where there’s little we can do, save for speculate and look at what alleged facts we have, and what facts they are; all we need is the Xinhua report.

"When 15 policemen surrounded the apartment where the suspects were hiding, they found themselves face to face with 15 knife-wielding Uygurs, all shouting “sacrifice for Allah,” the spokesman said."

"The suspects confessed they had all received training on the launching of a “holy war.” Their aim was to kill Han people, the most populous ethnic group in China whom they took as heretics, and found their own state."

If it weren’t the ever-dependable Xinhua News Agency, I’d say this was a draft for a patriotic B-movie gun battle scene, rife with all the stereotypes one would have gleaned from popular culture about what terrorists are supposed to do or say. But it’s Xinhua News Agency, so really it’s just the facts, pal.

source: http://www.thenewdominion.net/

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we are deeply sadenned to hear about this tragic event. our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those we have lost."

Who say, when afflicted with calamity: "To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return

Abdul ahad

10-07-08, 09:43
Allah igem bu qerindashlargha shehitlik mertiwisini berer. Adem hamini bir kuni koz yumidu, lekin gep qaysi halette, Allah razi bolghan halettimu yaki Allahning ghezipige uchrighan halettimu.
May Allah grant them Jenneh.... Amin