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Wall Street Journal
26-06-08, 01:50

26-06-08, 09:18
Yaraysan Nuri,mana bu digan chong inqilapning bir qesmi!!!!!!!


01-07-08, 22:48
Excellent policy analysis, indeed. I thought Nury did great job by his legal, policy and historic analogy that US has both national interests and moral obligation to help the Uyghurs. In short, he effectively made a case that US only wins friends by opening its door to Uyghurs in Guantanamo.

06-07-08, 18:00
Congratulations, Nury !
The following is my comments which I posted today in the Openion Journal forum:

Guantanamo Uyghurs’ fate is an American issue, and a resettlement of it in the United states of America will be wellcome internationally.

Most Uyghurs and many people in Europe will not undestand why it would NOT be possible to resettle them in the U.S.
For the last couple of years an international plea have been circulated. It reads:

„ A new homeland sought for the Guantanamo Uyghurs“!!!

Prominent Uyghur human rights activist Ms. Rabiyee Kadeer has been pleading worldwide calling on the govertments to grant asylum for her countrymen kept in Guantanamo, so faar unsuccessfully.

The Bush administration has already shown its staunch stand on human rights issue by rejecting the chinese demand to hand them over. I think , it should put and end to the issue by resettling them in the United States for humanitarian reasons, because no country will be ready to take them. Ofcourse, they would have preferred returning to their families at home, if...

As Mr. Turkel points out, such a move might evoke a fierce reaction by the communist rulers in Beijing who have been misusing the international campaign against terrorism and intimidating Uyghur people. On the other hand, it will be a historical act by the mighthy champion and promoter of Democracy around the world and defender of the human rights.

Those ethnic and religious groups in China, including the Uyghurs whose rights are being massively violated, their cultural and national identities are on the verge of disappearance will hail such a move „as a slap against the last communist tyranny in the 21st Century, especially on the eve of the controversial Olympic Games in Beijing. For the Uyghurs, it will be realization of a hope and their dream which is „ Ultimately the justice will Prevail“.

By resettling „ the Guantanamo Uyghurs“ in the United States the Bush administration:

--- will do something meaningfull in its fight against international terrorism
--- will teach a good lesson to those who have been misusing the fight against internaional
terrorism to their own ends
--- will receive a degree of acknowledment from international human rights groups and the
free, Demopcratic world community
--- Most importantly such a move will be a historical act in which American poeple and
future generations of mankind could be proud of.

Enver Can
6 July 2008, Munich – GERMANY