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09-06-08, 07:10
I read at www.biliwal.com web site:

Trains run from Astana -new capital city of Kazakstan
to Urumchi - Xinjiang uyghur Autonomous Region.

Train ride in Central Asia is another way of digestive sight seeing on the silk road.

I would imagine it to be an other pleasure,
to take the train from Urumchi to Kashgar,

and seeing the countryside down south.

Bus rides from Kyrgyzstan -Bishkek to Kashgar,
or from Islamabad to Kashgar should be a foretaste
for mountaineers and climbers in general.

The great mountaineering and eco tourism potential of these neighbourhoods

are only known to connaisseurs of the field and is not much publicised yet.

Contemporary silk road merchants and traders have limited their visions
to transportable goods and commodities,and have left this virgin territory
to use of western enterpreneurs...

as in other fields.

Enjoy your stay in these parts of the world.

insider news.