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25-04-05, 16:23
East Turkistan and Japan

China is a hegemonistic country that has been bulldozing the way toward annexing other sovereign countries on the basis of the expansionist ideology of Sinocentrisim. To take an example, the current realm of Peoplefs Republic of China is the result of invasion and annexation of Manchuria, the southern part of Mongolia (Inner Mongolia), Republic of East Turkistan.
China swept away the Manchurian ethnic group between 1912 and 1976. Most of the Mongolian people have also been wiped out. Subsequently, 1.2 million Tibetans have been eradicated. In an attempt to annihilate all the Tibetans, China has been constrcuting a railway to transport the rampant army.
Along with such action, China is oppressing the Uyghur people in East Turkistan. China has killed 8.5 million babies in East Turkistan between 1988 and 2003. China is proud of this fact, saying it is a brilliant triumph in the gwonderful ethnic policyh and gprogrammed birth.h
China carried out nuclear tests as many as 50 times near Lake Lopnur before 1999. These nuclear tests have done harm to some 20 % of the East Turkistan people, and have caused ill effect on fauna and flora and have contaminated air, land and water there.
Is the Japanese government, which has invested in China and has offered aid to it, not aware of such fact?
When delegations or politicians from Japan visit East Turkistan, Chinese people guide them and serve as interpreters. They shun the Uyghur people from the Japanese.
The heart of Uyghur people is heavily hurt.
The land, air, water and society of East Turkistan are contaminated to an unbearable extent.
Prisons outnumber schools in East Turkistan. Every year the Communist government has newly built or expanded the prisons but never has constructed schools, although it has invested in the schools for Chinese.
The Communist government invests in obstetrics and prepares microbuses in an effort to kill more Uyghur babies.
Should Japan invest in such country or offer aid to it?

East Turkistan Government in Exhile
If you help us, we will be able to eliminate the term of in exile from this naming.
The population of East Turkistan except for Chinese invaders numbers 30 million.
We would like you to think much of this figure.

Gray Wolf/in Central Asia
iKok Borej