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milliy merkez
25-04-05, 12:20
Hon. George Bush
April 24, 2004
The President of The United States of America
Washington D.C.

The Armenian Deportation In 1915 Was No Genocide; But The Armenian
Propaganda Since 1915 Is Ethocide

You may have noticed through your office window today, for the first time
in the past 90 years, that the Turkish-Americans were out there in front
of the White House, demonstrating against the Armenian misrepresentations,
fabrications, and lies. One of the posters may have read: "Ethocide, Not
Genocide", per my humble suggestion, as that pretty much sums up the
Armenian activity of the last 90 years.

"Ethocide" is a new word, coined by this writer, at exactly at 8:58 am, on
Wednesday, May 7, 2003, after being frustrated by the incredibly biased
coverage of Turkish-Armenian issue in the American press and politics.
Ethocide, my humble gift to the English language, is coined from the words
"ethics" and "cide". The short definition of Ethocide™ is, "deliberate
and systematic extermination of ethics via malicious mass deception for
political benefit". Proper definition of Ethocide™, however, is
"Systematic extermination of ethics, via pre-meditated and malicious
propaganda, disinformation, and/or mass deception, designed and/or used by
any person, group, institution, country, or block of countries, to destroy
partially or wholly, the honor, prestige, dignity, integrity, credibility,
image, culture, heritage, and/or history of another person, group,
institution, country, or block of countries, for political, social,
economical, military, moral, perceptional, and other benefits.”

The Armenian allegations of genocide are based on a curious combination of
exaggerations, misrepresentations, proven fabrications, and even outright
lies, topped with "casualty number-de-jour". Armenian account of history
is the only one where "the dead multiply" over the years and where the
dead equal to the entire population, leaving no room for explanation for
the millions of Armenians who survived the World War I to this day.
Armenian accounts make no mention of the Turkish victims, which
loss-per-loss, outnumber the Armenian victims 4 to 1. One could call this
religious bias and/or ethnic discrimination against Muslim Turks, but I
will call it ethocide.

Some politicians' partisan treatment of the WWI events reminded me of
chapter 13, "Paid Armenian Agents Mold Public Opinion In The United
States", of a new book by Samuel A. Weems, a Christian scholar and
researcher in Arkansas: "Armenia: Secrets of A 'Christian' Terrorist
State", Dallas, 2002, ISBN: 0-9719212-3-7; available for purchase at
www.turkishforum.com. Just a coincidence, of course.

It was a wartime tragedy, not genocide, played out against the backdrop of
a series of brutal foreign invasions by European powers and Armenian
betrayal at the home front. The simple fact that most Armenian last names
are Turkish, even to this day, is an indisputable testimony to the much
larger truth and the bigger picture that Turks and Armenians lived in
peaceful coexistence for a millennium. This harmony was destroyed only in
the last 100 years, by Armenian nationalist greed, terror, and treason,
and foreign manipulations, resulting in victimization millions of Turks
during WWI. The Armenians got a lot of help from the European powers, like
imperial Britain, colonialist France, and Czarist Russia, who were
themselves locked in a three-way contest to carve out the greatest chunk
from the multi-continent, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious, 600-year-old
Ottoman Empire. These European powers trained, armed, and supported the
clandestine Armenian nationalist and terrorist groups among Turks. Who can
deny these rock solid facts?

Armenian allegations of genocide can not be substantiated by historical
evidence. More than 70 prominent historians in the United States of
America signed a statement on May 19, 1985, urging the US Congress not to
legislate history. They said "...historical evidence unearthed so far
showed, that it was a civil war, mainly fought by Christian and Muslim
irregular forces..." Recognizing only Armenian suffering, and ignoring
Turkish suffering would, therefore, be untrue, unscholarly, unfair, and
un-American. Such "selective morality" would be unethical, discriminatory,
and outright racist.

It was a civil war within a world war, provoked by Armenian bloody
uprisings, designed to establish a Greater Armenia on Turkish soil, where
the Armenians were not even a majority. Here is the rub: If the Armenians
had succeeded, it would have been the first "apartheid" of the 20th
Century, where an Armenian minority would be ruling over a Turkish

In a press release dated July 23, 2001, by the British Ambassador to
Ankara, the British government agrees with the above characterizations,
saying that these events, while tragic and costly to both sides, could not
be considered genocide.

Israeli Government also agrees with the above. In an interview dated April
9, 2001, Shimon Peres, Foreign minister of Israel, told the press
"Armenian allegations are meaningless". He said what happened to Armenians
can not be compared to the Jewish Holocaust. (After all, did Jews
establish armies, 150,000 men strong, behind German lines to backstab
Germans in order to establish a Jewish state violently carved out of
German soil? Of course, not! But the Armenians did all that and more in
the Ottoman Empire.)

Without acknowledging the supreme treason committed by the murderous
Armenian nationalists wearing the uniforms of invading armies of Russia in
the East, France in the South, and no uniform at all elsewhere, and
without studying the motives and modes of operation of the Armenian terror
groups (like Dashnaks, Hunchaks, Ramgavars, and others), one can never do
justice to history. Even Armenian aggression in Nagorno Karabag since 1988
and brutal Armenian military occupation in Azerbaijan since 1992, mostly
overlooked by the American media, are mere extensions of the same old
Armenian "nationalistic design" aiming to realize a utopia, i.e.
establishing of Greater Armenia.

I would like to bring to your attention one other fact: We have punished
Iraq in 1991 for Saddam's aggression into Kuwait; bombed Yugoslavia into
pieces in 1998 for Serbian ethnic cleansing victimizing mostly Bosnians
and Kosovars; and destroyed the Iraq regime in 2003 for supporting
international terrorism and possessing weapons of mass destructions. And
yet, we did nothing to Armenia which committed all three crimes since 1992
(not to mention a fourth crime of making former Soviet nuclear technology
available to Iran for "peaceful purposes", if you can believe the

Here are the crimes committed by Armenia since 1992:

a) aggression and ethnic cleansing in Karabag (1988-present);

b) aggression and ethnic cleansing in 20% of Azerbaijani soil
Armenians occupy by force (1992-present) causing one million non-combatant
Azerbaijanis to be refugees in their own country, on Azerbaijani soil;

c) and international terrorism against innocent Turkish diplomats and
disinterested bystanders (1887-1923 and 1973-present).

d) making Soviet nuclear technology available to Iran, which may come
back to haunt the world as another case of WPM )(weapons of mass

What's worse, we gave Armenia, the perpetrator of all these crimes, the
American taxpayers' hard-earned tax dollars as economic aid, to the tune
of 1.5 billion dollars in the period 1992-2003 according to Congressional
records, so that Armenia could continue its genocidal policies.

How do these blatant cases of double standards help the world peace, Mr.
President? I don't get it!