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06-05-08, 16:27
Canadian Passport - Petty Discrimination

Renewing my Canadian passport last week was an eye-opening experience that I thought I would share with this community.

My old Canadian passport states that I was born in Taipei, TWN (for Taiwan). The staff person informed me that this identification is no longer possible because Taiwan is NOT a country recognized by Canada. Yes as a Taiwanese I am fully aware of the widespread denial of my identity by China on the world stage but on my Canadian passport? The staff person was cognizant of the silliness of all this, but rules are rules. So I asked what they would list instead as my birthplace. He said, we can only list "Taiwan" as the city name and leave the country blank. WTF? Absolutely ridiculous! I asked, "So you will spell out T-A-I-W-A-N in the city field?" He confirmed yes.

I was just absolutely disgusted by the systematic and petty nature of the Chinese government in denying Taiwanese identity. I was even more disgusted by how the Canadian government has been pussy whipped. This is a one liner in my Canadian passport for christ's sake. I was too tired by this 50yo political oppression and discrimination to care. Just give me my damn passport!

As if this was not enough, I was advised to use ONLY my Chinese name in my passport as "some countries" have been turning away Canadians whose passport and secondary IDs do not match. Since many of my secondary IDs are in my Chinese name, the staff person advised me to stick with my Chinese name so everything is consistent. I asked what "countries" have been turning away Canadians as I myself have rarely been asked for secondary IDs when entering a foreign country. He replied, "China." OY, I smell the emergence of a cock-swaggering superpower.