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06-05-08, 13:11

Avant Assessment develop, write, and deliver language assessments for various institutions such as schools and government offices. We are beginning to write a reading and create listening comprehension exam for students of Uyghur who are learning the language.

We are searching for native speakers of Uyghur who might be interested in working with us to locate authentic listening and written passages that we could use in exams.

This is contractual, part-time work, and requires regular access to Internet. The job includes finding texts and later on audio passages in Uyghur as well as writing a rough English rendering/translation. Many of these texts are very simple, such as brief announcements and advertisements. It is a great opportunity for Uyghur speakers to not only earn extra income, but also use their language skills to share their culture.

If you are interested to pursue this position, Please send me your resume.

Very best regards,

Murielle Akinotcho
Recruiting &Training Manager
Avant Assessment

07-05-08, 14:06
Is it US only or can be done from home ?