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Vancouver Canada
29-04-08, 01:48
The other anti-Chinese protestors

Last Modified: 28 Apr 2008
By: Lindsey Hilsum

Tibet is the main focus of protests targeting the Olympic torch as it makes its way to China, but some demonstrators are also championing China's Uighur Muslim minority.

The Chinese government says some Uighurs have been involved in a terrorist plot to disrupt the Games in Beijing in August.

Human rights campaigners say that like the Tibetans to their south, the Uighurs are simply protesting against heavy-handed tactics and ethnic discrimination.

In recent weeks the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan has seen demonstrations and arrests. In a rare report from this remote region, our China correspondent Lindsey Hilsumwent to investigate.


Vancouver Canada
29-04-08, 01:50
Video xewerni korush uchun, yuqirqi link'tiki "Watch the report" digenni besing....

29-04-08, 16:37
chetelliklerning kozi bar....

29-04-08, 16:41
Merhaba ben Türküm.Adım İrem.Tüm Uygurlara selam ederim.

Vancouver Canada
29-04-08, 18:33
Hos geldin Irem, sana da selamlar olsun.