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19-04-05, 14:46
China kriminalisiert human rights activists in the United Nations
Protest against arrest of a uigurischen human rights activist with the UN Menschenrechtskommission
Bozen, Goettingen, Geneva, 11 April 2005

The society for threatened peoples (GfbV) protested on Monday with the Un high clerk sarin for human rights Louise Arbour against the arrest of the uigurischen human rights activist Dolkun Isa from China in Geneva, living in Germany. The state police of the United Nations had refused Isa on past Thursday in Geneva after intervention of China the accreditation at the human right commission of the United Nations and had transferred it Swiss police. "it is scandalously that the UN of one of the worst pursuer states of the world can be prescribed, who human rights activists is", explained the GfbV Asienreferent Ulrich Delius. "Isas arrest is a dangerous precedent. If the United Nations do not stop such abuse immediately, will it for the victims of violations of human rights lethal, in Geneva before the human right commission on their pursuit to report ". Only after five-hour verhoer Isa had been finally released after intervention of the GfbV and Swiss government agencies.

The arrest decreases/goes back to information from the Chinese ministry of the Interior, which regards the world congress of the Uiguri youth led by Isa as "organization of terror". Since December 2003 China had several times demanded a prohibition in Munich of the residents organization, a deportation of the club members to Peking as well as a seizure of the property of the association. "the German and European authorities resisted this Kriminalisierung of peaceful human rights activists under the cover of the anti-terror fight so far strictly", avowed Delius. "if the United Nations now uncritically and without further examination these groundless reproaches take over, make them the helper of China and play themselves their last reliability in human right questions. Who supports of China abuse of the world-wide fight against the terrorism, and promote also of Peking politics of the suppression of the Uiguren legitimize Xinjiang (Ostturkestan) in the region."

With arbitrary arrests, locking of mosques, book burns, raids, torture and executions proceed China against the uigurische civilian population in Ostturkestan. Who uses itself for the rights of the Uiguren, as the "terrorist" one explain. Thus also different Chinese human rights activists living in the exile in Germany were kriminalisiert systematically than "terrorists" and limited of the Chinese authorities in their freedom of movement. Of China messages "black lists" spread and pushed the authorities to forbid to them the stay or the entry in their guest states. "" the new China", of which Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder speaks, if he supports the abolition of the European Union weapons embargo, is not only a rising economic power, but also a dictatorship, which make, said with ever more repressive methods all critics abroad the in and mouth dead "for Delius.

20-04-05, 03:05
bu Statment de isimi diyilgen kishi DUQ bash Katiwi Dolqun Eysa shumu? bu qandaq gep bulup ketti dostlar. hitayning qoli Swisariyegiche yetip ketken bolsa, ishimiz chatqa digen gep. Swisaryie yaki Kazakistan, Kirghizstan bolmisa. bu ishtin nimishqa DUQ keng helqni hewerdar qilip, hitaygha, Swisariyege, Un narazliq qilmaydu?

20-04-05, 04:52
doklat Sorughuchi
sanga hemme ixni doklat qilixqa waqtimiz yetmey qaptu hapa bolma. sen anglimisanglar biz qilmighan bolamduq, Soraqci?

20-04-05, 09:17
Hitay digen ghaljirlashqan it!
It qawaweridu.
BUndin keyin tehimu reswa bolup korgulikini koridu. HItayning kunimu az qaldi. Emma bir burnigha urushimiz kerek.Tehimu tez bolidu. Eger urmisaq, biz ozlirini bashqice atiwalghan hitaylarning qoligha cushimiz. HUshyar bolayli.