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Shiwitsiyede Masterliqta yaki P.HD oqushni arzu qilidighan kirgizitanliq UYGUR
ziyalilirigha hoshhewer.

Shiwetsuye Hokumiti 20005/2006 yili Master we P.HD oquydighan, Amenia, Georgia, Kyrgzstan, Moldova ve tajikistan liq Oqughuchilargha alahide etibar bilen oqush
yardem puli ajratqan shu seweplik towendiki olchemge toshidighan UYGUR qerindash-
lirimizning pursetni ching tutushini soraymiz.

The Caucasus/Central Asia/Moldova Programme

Scholarships for Citizens of Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Tajikistan for Studies in Sweden 2005/06

The Swedish Institute, a public agency for cultural and educational exchange with individuals and
institutions abroad, in co-operation with the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency hereby announces a number of scholarships for the academic year 2005/2006 (September 2005 – May 2006). The main purpose of the scholarship programme is to support advanced students and researchers who wish to complete a Master’s Level Programme in Sweden.



The programme is open for citizens from Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Tajikistan.

Study level

The scholarships are mainly intended for Master’s Level Programmes (listed in the Swedish Institute
brochure Master’s Level Programmes Taught in English and also availablewww.studyinsweden.se), but can also be granted for part of Ph.D. or post-doc studies at any university or university college in Sweden.

Study period

The maximum scholarship period is two academic years, but scholarships will only be granted for
one academic year at a time (nine months).

Fields of study

Priority is given for Master’s level studies in economics, social sciences and environmental studies.
Studies within other fields may also be considered.


Good knowledge of English is required, as the Master’s Level Programmes are given in English.

Scholarship conditions

The scholarships amount at present to SEK 7,500 per month for graduate and research students and
SEK 9,000 for holders of a Ph.D. degree plus travel costs to and from Sweden. Each scholarship is
designed to cover the living expenses of one person only. There are no grants for family members. The
scholarship holder is insured by the Swedish Institute against illness and accidents during the scholarship

The Swedish Institute
Box 7434
SE - 103 91 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Fax + 46 8 20 72 48
Website: www.si.se


Master’s Level Programmes

Applications for a Master’s Level Programme (listed in the Swedish Institute brochure Master’s Level
Programmes Taught in English and also available on www.studyinsweden.se ) should be sent directly to the university/university college you are applying to.

Applicants for a Master’s Level Programme should clearly indicate in their application to the Master’s Level Programme whether they wish to be considered for a scholarship.

The university/university college will recommend a limited number of candidates for a Swedish Institute
scholarship. The Swedish Institute will then make the final selection of candidates for a scholarship.
In the scholarship selection process, we give priority to students who are not already pursuing a Master’s
Degree in Sweden.

Please observe that applicants to a Master’s Level Programme should not apply for a scholarship directly to the Swedish Institute. Applications sent to the Swedish Institute will not be considered.

All questions concerning the application procedure for the Master’s Level Programme should be directed to the university/university college to which you have applied.

You will be informed by the Swedish Institute whether you have been selected for a scholarship in
May/June 2005. Individual questions concerning the selection procedure will not be answered.

Advanced University Level, part of Ph.D. studies and post-doc studies Letter of invitation

Prior to application the applicant must establish contact with a Swedish university department willing to
accept the applicant for the proposed studies. This contact can also be made through the professor or academic adviser at the applicant’s home institution.

In order to enable the Swedish host institution to consider issuing a letter of invitation, the applicant must,
as a minimum requirement, clearly indicate their study or research area and include a C.V. or résumé of
their previous study or research.

Request for application forms

Application forms will be available on www.studyinsweden.se website between 1 September 2004 –
15 January 2005. Requests for application forms can also be made from September 1 by contacting the
Swedish Institute either by regular mail, fax or e-mail.

Submission of the application form

Please use the Swedish Institute application form. It should be submitted to the address below. It must reach the Swedish Institute by regular mail not later than 15 January 2005. Applications arriving after that date will not be considered. The form must be complete in all its entirety, and all documents mentioned on the application form must be enclosed when submitted. Incomplete applications will be rejected. No enclosures will be returned.

The outcome of the applications will be announced to candidates in May/June 2005. Individual questions concerning the application procedure will not be answered.

The Swedish Institute
Box 7434
SE - 103 91 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Fax + 46 8 20 72 48
Website: www.si.se

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