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31-03-08, 04:34
China Times 2008.03.30
Hotan, Uyghuristan China strongly protests the outbreak of repression

World Uyghur Congress spokesman Dilixiati today that the East Turkestan (Xinjiang) and Hotan City recently broke out nearly 1,000 protests, the Chinese government launched a large-scale crackdown, seizing nearly 500 people, and comprehensive information blackout.

Dilixiadi of the CNA, protests occurred in 23 and 24, participating in the protest activities of the nearly 1,000 people in 80 per cent are women. Chinese authorities arrested within two days 500 people, the fear of the incident spread to other Uyghur-populated areas, the local news has been fully blockade; current public security and national security personnel are stationed locally.

He said that the protesters who made several demands, including the cessation of the Uighur people arrested for torture, the release of political prisoners, ask the Chinese government to return were forcibly taken away in the cheap labour unmarried woman.

Dilixiati pointed out that many unmarried girls were Uighurs to the Chinese Government, the name of helping the poor, to mainland China for cheap labor around the factory. These girls were forced to take, have not been properly resettled, and even some girls were also forced prostitution, and this is the protest there are many reasons for the participation of women.

Dilixiadi said, the World Assembly of peacekeeping appealed to the international community a high degree of concern about China's East Turkestan implement policy, and hopes that the United Nations Commission on Human Rights will be the human rights of the Uighur human rights issues into the agenda of the meetings were discussed.


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Looking forward to your reply with tears in my eyes.‏
Von: 9999 uyghur (uyghur9999@gmail.com)
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Dear Mr./Mrs.,


I am Uighur person who live in Gansu. I am writing this letter to you today with the hope that you can extend a helping hand to rescue my husband Memet·Tumturk.

Memet is an active promoter of human rights, he has involved himself in many well-known rights defense incidents in China. Some examples are the Taishi village incident when the peasants dismissed the village head, he also initiated and organized the effort to support and rescue rights defense attorney Gao Zhisheng. Because of these he has been repeatedly beaten and thrown in jail.

On September 14, 2006 Memet was once again arrested and put in jail. I have never seen him after that.

Not long ago, after Xinjiang airplane bombing incident occurs, a large number of prisoners were transferred.During this period I suddenly received a letter from my husband, the letter referred to his being in prison all the devastation, the words and expressions let me be deeply grieved. As an ordinary person, I resist incapably,I have attempted many methods, but have not received any results, now, I can only seek help from human rights groups around the world, and I hope you can see the letter written by my husband all the devastation, hope you Can save my fragmented family.

Looking forward to your reply with tears in my eyes.