View Full Version : Historic Proof of the Chinese Communists' Genocide on Uyghurs (2)

ark tohkti abduwayet
26-03-08, 00:01
As it is well known, mass killing and torturing to death have been the Chinese communists's main policy towards the dissent Uyghurs since the Chinese occupation of the Eastern Turkstan. In 1950s, the fascistic Chinese communist government has killed and burried hundreds and thousands of Uyghur intellectuals under the name of 'eliminating local nationalistis'. The following photos show some bloody scene of massacre that the inhuman Chinese carried out on Uyghurs at the places such as Ili, Altay, Khashgar and Aksu in Eastern Turkstan. However the killing and burrial caused the suspicion of the Soviet government at that time. The Soviet government has suspected that the Chinese might also killed and burried the Russians. Under the pressure from the Soviet side, the sneaky Chinese excavated some of the mass killing and burrial site and shew the Soviets proving that they only killed the dissent Uyhgurs. The following photos are secretely taken by the Soviet reporters at that time.