View Full Version : Uyghurs in LA

10-03-08, 00:17
First and foremost, I myself am not Uyghur, but I lived in China for 4 years and traveled a bit to Xinjiang... or East Turkestan if you will :)

Urumqi is just full of Han and I hated it, but great cities like Kashgar, Hotan and Taxkorgan made me fall in love with the place, people and food...

Which brings me to my point. Where the hell can I get REAL food in this city? The naan, noodles and kvas is what I crave. It seems like outside of Xinjiang, no one in China even knows what kvas is, much less make or sell it. Where can I get some of that delicious honeybeer in LA to go with some naan? :(

10-03-08, 13:34
There is no Uyghur restaurant in LA yet. You might want to try Uzbekestan Restaurant in Hollywood. They might have something similar.