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London Uyghur Ansmbili En'giliyening London shehiridiki St Ethelburga's Yarshish we tenichliq tiyatirxanisida (St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace) Uyghur sen'itidin nomur korsitidu. Tepsilatini bu ulanmidin korung:




08-03-08, 19:38
World Music
London St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

The London Uyghur Ensemble - Central Asia

"Faith is a source of conflict... and a resource for transforming conflict. Music can speak powerfully about human experiences of conflict and can enable us to cross cultural and religious boundaries."

Fri 11 April ~ doors open 7pm, music at 7.30pm


The UK’s first locally-based group performing the entrancing songs and instrumental music of the Central Asian Uyghurs.

Singer Rahima and dancer Yalckun are accompanied by our ensemble of long-necked lutes, spike fiddle and frame drum. Deeply imbued by the Sufi ethos, with its limping rhythms and ecstatic poetry this easternmost example of maqām traditions opens new musical worlds for its audiences.

For further info please see our website: www.uyghurensemble.co.uk

This event is £10 and can be paid on the door. Please book in advance here.



*In April 1993 the mediaeval church of St Ethelburga's was devastated by an IRA bomb

*St Ethelburga's is now a unique meeting space in the heart of the City of London devoted to promoting understanding of the relationship between faith and conflict.

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