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04-03-08, 12:59
Dear Colleague,

I would like to present you the "Center for Equal Responsibilities" based in Tirana, Albania: our objectives, projects, institutions involved.

My name is Ahmet Dursun and I'm the Executive Director of the "Center for Equal Responsabilities". I'm from Turkey, but I live in Albania since 17 years. I'm the owner of an Ottoman Restaurant in Tirana, named EFENDY, since 6 years and as a second University Degree, I'm studying at the Law Faculty.

The "Center for Equal Responsibilities" is founded in January 2008 by a group of people coming from different backgrounds (International Relations, Marketing, Law, Sociology, Academy of Arts, Journalism.) who have decided to join their forces in order to increase attention, promote, and support the autoresponsability awareness in Albania. The Center develops its activity without limitation within the whole territory of the Republic of Albania and is a nonprofit organization, without membership and apolitical. Its general objectives are:

. Promotion of the Civil Consciousness and auto responsibility;
. Building up and strengthening the Consciousness for equal responsibility among individuals: personal and public, civil and national, intellectual and moral, juridical and self obligation, besides: political, social, ethnical, racial, and sexual discriminations;
. Identification of groups in need of help and the elaboration of social support programs as an expression of community responsibility toward the individuals;
. Promotion of the spirit of human solidarity related to issues of common interest;
. Closely collaboration with other similar national and international organizations working in this same area in order to increase effectiveness and impact

The Center achieves its objectives through: Executing awareness increasing campaigns (mass media and other), Undertaking various projects originated by the Center or by cooperating in other projects and activities inside and outside the country, Organizing and facilitating activities like: seminars, conferences, workshops, Organizing research initiatives, Coordinating training programs and Collaborating with different National and International, Non Profit Organizations.

The "Center for Equal Responsibility" with the objectives of the:

. Enforcement of the Consciousness of the superiority of the nature as an eternity factor of the development and the temporality of one or more human generations
. Necessity of the compensation to the nature, through the defense of ecosystems, by determinining the utilization and the investments with "ecological cost" of the obligatory return of the part that belongs to the nature
Is working through the Project "I have a tree..." and achieving its objectives by:
. Awareness, Promotional and Education of the understanding of the nature as an existence condition for the continuity of the human life (among the other activities we have planned an Awareness Campaign through Universities and Schools, followed up with planting of trees in their territory, by a book with tales or legends, for the students of Elementary Schools, with topics relative to the Environment with illustrations made by the students and the distribution in all the Elementary Schools of Tirana, by video production and Conferences about the Environment Situation in Albania and the relation between Environment and Health).
. Involving of different Institutions and Business to give their direct contribution for the modification of this reality

We have signed an Institutional Agreement with the Municipality of Tirana, by his major Edi Rama. The first partner of the Project is EFENDY Restaurant which decided to be part of the Initiative in a very singular way: Every week, to one of the international clients of the Restaurant will be given the opportunity to "own" the kitchen for one afternoon and to explain to the staff of the restaurant how to prepare (or even to cook if they prefer) their favorite characteristic dish from their country of origin. The staff of the Restaurant prepares and serves each dish for one week (from Monday to Sunday) as the "dish of the Guest". The dish will be accompanied by an explanation of the origin and ingredients, by information about the guest (they have the first page of the menu), by the relative music and a presentation of traditional objects. The guest will be the one to decide the price of the dish and All the profits from these dishes will be used for planting trees on the Elementary Schools of Tirana: The more guests, the More Trees Planted.

Among the other guests from Greece, Tunisia, Russia, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal, Indonesia we had a special guest Mr. ABU BAKKER QASSIM (one of the five Uighurs declared innocent from the Guantanamo Prison, which lives now in Albania, the only country which accepted them).

Mr. Qassim on the first page of the menu has written the following message:

"Dear Mom, Do you remember when you worked as accountant at the cooperative?! One snowing day you began teaching me to write with Latin Letters. How attentive you were teaching me to write in a beautiful way.

I remember when I asked you about the sea and your efforts to explain something that you and I had never seen. While I had no reason asking you about the corn bread, patched trousers and the monthly rate for alimentation.

Dear Mom.I have seen too much.So much already!!! Do you know that I flied over the white clouds. Ocean I have seen, even never heard a word about it from the books you read me before sleeping.

After one year and a half in Albania, Ahmet, the owner of a Restaurant proposed me, for one week, to cook one dish from our beautiful country, which incomes will go for planting trees in the schools of the city. Furthermore, he invites me to join him on his school's visits talking about the importance of the young plants. Even you are far way, you can wish good luck not only to him, but even to whom is going to taste the dish. Because my first joy after so many years was this act, showing to the world that even when I was bathing on the Albanian sea, I was as clean as I was when you washed me. Too much I have seen my dear Mom, Clean as ever."

Mr. Qassim was very glad to participate to the project and to be integrated to the Albanian society.

The following Projects we are working through and will be presented very soon are regarding: obesity of the children, car accidents, stray animals. If you are interested we can be in touch for further information.

I would like to ask you if it is possible to be in touch with other Non Governmental Organizations that are working in the same field so we can exchange experiences, opinions and know how. Perhaps, you can help us to contact them and if it is possible to spread our work and efforts to every one who could be interested to.

Thanking you in advance for your time reading my email,
I will you all the best in your life and work,

Ahmet Dursun
Executive Director
"Center for Equal Responsabilites"
Rruga: Sami Frasheri, Pall. 10-20, Tirane
TEL: 00355-4-273767
Mobile: 00355-68-2033001

05-03-08, 03:26
Albaniyaga tihi bir uyghurning qikkinini anglimighan? bu nima`ishkina amdì? manghu yahxi chushanmidim.