View Full Version : Phots of Li Peng with Urkesh Doulat?

Mark Holmes
01-03-08, 02:42
I am doing a presentation on famous Uighurs. I am talking about Urkesh Doulat and Rebiya Kadeer.

I am looking for photos of Urkesh Doulat (Wuer Kaixi) with Wang Dan and also photos of Urkesh Doulat with Li Peng.

Does anybodt have any idea where I could find these?

Thanks in advance

01-03-08, 02:47
try to search in chinese web sites or taiwanese web site.

uyghur xewiri
01-03-08, 14:40

Orkesh Dolet (Wu erkaixi) (from BBC)

Mark Holmes
02-03-08, 01:46
Yes, I have that photo. I am specifically looking for a photo of him wth Wang Dan or Li Peng.