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20-02-08, 13:46
Those of you who don't fully understand the Chinese mentality, please read carefully.

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Xinhua news agency tells us that there was a shootout with Uyghur ‘terrorists’ in the regional capital, Urumqi, in which two ‘terrorists’ were killed. (Image: The Opposite End of China)

Chinese police kill two terorists, arrest 15 others

URUMQI, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) — Chinese police destroyed a terrorist gang last month in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, killing two persons and arresting 15 others, local sources said on Monday.

Five policemen were injured during the raid on Jan. 27 when three homemade grenades were thrown toward them, the sources said. Enditem

This report was released following a series of unconfirmed reports and rumors, which RFA has been trying to nail down into something more reliable. Our Mandarin service reporter Ding Xiao managed to get an interview with a woman who had a friend in the police station in the area (Xingfu Gardens) of Urumqi where the shooting allegedly took place [Here is Ding Xiao’s report in Chinese]:

A female resident of the Xingfu Garden residential compound told Ding Xiao that a friend of hers who works at the local public security bureau told her that the shooting occurred just before the Chinese Lunar New Year at the Xingfu Garden compound, located in the Tianshan district in Urumqi.
She said: “Local media suppressed the story. East Turkistan elements clashed with public security forces. A gun battle broke out. Public security forces did not suffer any fatality. The dead were all Uyghurs. They say it was one of their cell units. It was behind our compound, toward the back, in a secluded area.”

She also said that the police station chief on Xingfu Road (where the Xingfu Garden compound is located) has been sacked because of the incident: “The day after the shooting when asked about it he said he did not even know it had taken place. He did not know people had been shot dead. He was sacked on the spot.”

Another resident in the same district, however, told Ding Xiao that she knew nothing of the shooting because local media made no mention of it whatsoever.

The reporter called the police station on Xingfu Road and asked the policeman who answered the phone to comment on the shooting. He said: “As for what you are referring to, I cannot answer you.”

Then she asked deputy section chief at the Urumqi public security bureau who is in charge of anti-terrorism to comment on the incident – (The man refused to give even his surname.)

Deputy section chief: “It is inconvenient for me to comment.”

RFA: “Did the shooting take place?”

Deputy section chief: “On that… I am not very clear. You cannot ask me that. On matters of major significance, there will be a press conference.”

RFA: “…but so far there has been no press conference.”

Deputy section chief: “as of now, there has not been any.”

RFA: “Is there to be one in the near future?”

Deputy section chief: “I am not clear on that.”

RFA: “Do you expect to be on high alert before the Olympics to guard against East Turkistan (activities)?”

Deputy section chief: “We have always worked on that.”

RFA: “Is it being stepped up now?”

Deputy section chief: “That’s inconvenient for me to say.”

Meanwhile, unsubstantiated rumors were circulating on message boards and forums, generating extreme views. This unconfirmed, unsourced ‘news report’ was posted on a forum at Xilu.com:

On the last Lunar New Year ahead of the Beijing Olympics, units of the Xinjiang People’s Armed Police, together with local police forces, staged an anti-terrorist raid.

A shoot-out took place in Urumqi Feb. 4, in which at least 18 terrorists were killed. The authorities confirmed the incident when contacted on Feb. 13 by Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily newspaper. But they denied that two armed police officers had died in the incident.

- Original Chinese post

It was followed by a long message thread during which some very extreme and racist views were expressed (and criticized) by Chinese netizens. I have translated about 80 percent of it, to give a real flavor of the thread:

[b]Post 5: Wipe out inferior races!

Post 6: Post 5, what sort of talk is that? The independence movement in Xinjiang has its own historical background. Just what exactly is an ‘inferior race’? China has spent untold energy and money on ensuring that the relationship between the Han and the ethnic minorities is one of mutual friendship and respect, and in fending off Han supremacist thinking. Haven’t you had any education at all?

Post 7: Post 6, if you’d spent two years in Kashgar you wouldn’t be talking rubbish like that.

Post 8: Inferior races should be killed.

Post 9: The answer is intermarriage, and then more intermarriage. In a few generations there would be Han blood in 80 percent of the population, and then the Uyghur race would disappear.

Post 10: Kill them all!

Post 11: I agree with Post 5. They should be killed. Post 6, aren’t you getting tired of standing there talking? You may treasure them but how would they treat you? It’s like Post 7 said; you go and spend some time there and then you’ll understand. There are a lot of people there; the supposed ‘ordinary people’ who utterly reject anyone from China’s interior, in spite of the fact that they have had a lot of benefits from our presence there. They look upon people from the rest of China as inferior. These people who don’t know good from evil, I only have one word for them: “Kill!”

Post 12: We should learn from the United States, and study how they use intelligence and technology to improve security.

Post 13: Resolutely cleanse and wipe out ethnic minority terrorists!

Post 14: Posts 2, 3, 4 and 6.

Post 5’s crap is that of a careless person trying to cause trouble here. He thrives on encouragement. We must have unity between the nationalities. No good will come of splitting the country.

Post 15: duplicate of Post 14

Post 16: The best thing would be if all the Han Chinese in Xinjiang were allowed to have more children and the Uyghurs were allowed less. Or they could draw up a simple rule: Uyghur girls would only be allowed to marry Han men, and Uyghur men would only be allowed to marry Han Chinese women.

Post 17: This is fake news. I read news reports from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the “Body of Imperialism” news station [pun on VOA to evade ‘forbidden words’?]. I haven’t heard this story anywhere.

Post 18: Those ranting diehard supporters of Taiwan independence should understand that the fate of those 18 Xinjiang independence terrorists will be your fate tomorrow. There’s no smoke without a fire. The time is coming.

Post 19: Duplicate of Post 18.

Post 20: National unity, the unity of nationalities and the broader unity of all the races is the most basic guarantee of success and victory in our task. Whether it’s the separatist tendencies in Xinjiang or the loyalty to the fatherland of the majority of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, this should not be doubted by anyone. Shut up about inferiority! That is the speech of inferior people.

Post 21: The time is coming to attack Xinjiang separatists.

Post 22: There are no inferior races in the world. We are all equal. It doesn’t matter what Post 5 says, human beings must show mutual respect. If you don’t respect others, you can’t blame others for not respecting you. You are sowing the seeds of hatred between the nationalities. You should be careful.

Post 23: These bastards should all die!

Post 24: This should show the independence activists the price to be paid for terrorism, which will stop them in their tracks. Once someone has been confirmed to be a terrorist, they should be killed to preserve the links between the nationalities.

Post 25: Anyone who dares to use actual actions to split the motherland must die!!!!!!

Post 28: This is ridiculous. I live in the same district as the Xingfu Gardens [where the shootout is supposed to have taken place]. Nothing has happened! We barely saw a handful of ordinary cops over the New Year, let alone several hundred armed police!!!

Post 30: You are all creating rumors! All hell breaks loose!!! Terrorists everywhere!!! You are worse than the separatists. I live on Xingfu Road in Urumqi, and nothing like this has happened here. Urumqi passed a very peaceful and harmonious New Year. You are rubbish, and you are talking rubbish. Come over here to Xinjiang if you think you can hack it. You will be castrated.

Post 32: There must be unity between the nationalities. No good will come of splitting the country. We need to meet the violence of the separatists with more violence!

Post 33: We have already beaten the Xiongnu and the Turkic tribes. Those who remain are already our subjects. If the little sods want to play at separatism they can go to visit their uncle in Turkey. And if they still aren’t convinced maybe uncle can take it up with us…So relax. Have a nice life. Go to school, come home, sell your hand-made noodles, sell your mutton. Everything will be fine.

Post 51: The people who have posted their opinions here show the basic nature of the Han people; that you lack any culture or quality at all. You are like animals, with no human feeling! You could say that you are one of the inferior races of the world. The nastiest race is the world are the Han Chinese. If we are going to talk about wiping out races then we had better start with you. That is the only way the world can find peace and prosperity!

Since then, AFP has picked up the Xinhua report, adding some reporting from another Chinese newspaper:

The Global Times newspaper, also state-controlled, characterised the
incident as the biggest anti-terrorism move by police in the past year.
The raid happened in a residential community where the group had
rented an apartment to prepare explosives and train for attacks, the
newspaper reported. Police found guns, home-made bombs and religious extremist literature in the apartment, and the group had been acting on orders from terrorist organisations overseas, the newspaper said. Though the group’s apartment was 300 metres (990 feet) from the nearest police station, authorities did not know what they were doing. As a result, several police officials have lost their jobs, the newspaper said.

Xinhua said the group was suspected of collaborating with the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), which the United Nations has designated a terrorist organisation.

According to Amnesty International:

China has repackaged its repression of Uyghurs as a fight against ‘terrorism’.

More on Uyghurs and separatism vs. terrorism:

China’s ‘War on Terror’

China’s Growing Influence in Central Asia

Xinjiang-based blogger The Opposite End of China — whose illustrative graphic you see at the head of this post — sounds skeptical, pointing out that something very similar was announced last year:

For those of you who need a refresher course, it was last January that China shut down another supposedly ETIM-linked terrorist cell in Xinjiang. That event left 18 terrorists and one policeman dead, and like the more recent raid was only announced by Chinese authorities weeks after the fact. (Another similarity is that not even a single photo has been released documenting evidence of either battle.)

Recent RFA stories about Uyghurs and Xinjiang:

Chinese Curbs Leave Uyghur Youth in Crisis

Workers Take On China’s Power in Xinjiang

Recent blog post about the Bingtuan:

Troubled times at Bingtuan 106


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i am grown up among them and i know how evil they have become under the communists.
it is not only us they want to wipe out...dunno what to do when this type of people is in the majority in xinjiang...they have long lost their morality... not to mention they live in our land