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Celebration of anniversaries
with which UNESCO will be associated
in 2008-2009

2008: 1000th anniversary of the birth of Kasgarli Mahmud, linguist (1008-1101)
Kasgarli Mahmud was a renowned Turkish linguist, philologist and ethnographer and the first Turkish cartographer of Turkic dialects, who lived in the eleventh century. His most famous work is the book entitled "Divân-i Lügati't-Türk". The only handwritten copy of the book was found in 1910 in the Fatih Millet Library. In his book, Mahmud tried to prove the richness of Turkish language and its value besides Arabic and Persian. Accordingly, he wrote the grammar book entitled "Kitâbu Cevâhirü'n-Nahvi Lügâti't-Türk" to teach Turkish to Arabs. The celebration of this anniversary will encourage further research on Kasgarli Mahmud’s significance and major contribution to Turkish culture and language.

2009: 400th anniversary of the birth of Katip Çelebi, scholar (1609-1657)
Katip Çelebi was a Turkish scholar. Among his chief works is the “Kashf al-zunun'an asami al-kutub wa al-funun” which documents some 15,000 books. The best known of his encyclopaedic contributions is the "Kashf al-zunnun", a bibliographical dictionary in the Arab language, with over 14,500 entries in alphabetical order. This work served as a basis for the "Bibliothèque Orientale" by Barthélemy d'Herbelot de Molainville. He was also the author of many works in the fields of geography, history and economics.


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