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12-01-08, 04:48
just those uyghur people in US ?
Greetings from Oregon!
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My name is Amanda Filloy, I am writing to the
group in search of Uyghur/English speakers. I work for a small
company affiliated with the University of Oregon. Our company is called Language Learning
Solutions; we develop, write and deliver language assessments for various institutions (such as schools and government offices.) We are beginning to develop a reading comprehension exa for non-native speakers of Uighur who are learning the language.
We are searching for native speakers of Uighur who might be interested in working with us to locate authentic Uighur texts that we could
use in the exam.
We really need help in our search! The job includes finding texts and writing a rough English translation. We pay between $25 and $125 per text depending on the length and difficulty. Many of these texts are very simple, such as brief announcements and advertisements. Candidates must have permission to work in the U.S. If you might be
interested in working with us, or if you know of other Uighur speakers who might be qualified and interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available by email and
telephone, my information follows below.
Thanks you very much for your time and attention,
Amanda Filloy Test Development Manager
Language Learning Solutions
(503) 309-2431