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11-12-07, 22:12
From "Bu kimning esiri bilmeymen, teng oquyli "

THis is very good writing, thanks to Qahar Barat and to the one who post it.

From my experiences, i just want to make few points:

1. Most of us think business or trade is for the people who are not educated. But in reality educated people work for uneducated people. e.g. thousands of well educated people for for uneducated (self educated ) people such as founder of Apple, founder of General Motors, funder of Microsoft. Our thinking is what stopping us from engaging in business.

2. I can write a book about what to do and what not to do, even how to make money, and run business. But there are lots of books in bookshop. These books tell you to look for opportunities. We all very much loooooooking for ways to make money, but still there are not many opportunities. You read all the money making books, and try everything, and you still cannot find a way to make money. Did rich people read books to find ways of making money? No, they never read book about making money. If they did, the book is not important. The important is the way they look at the world. To learn how to make money, first look where are you spending your money, and why are you spending it. second, look where you getting your money from, and how you are getting them.(working, robbing)

3. The meaning of life is create value for people. People SHOULD PAY to enjoy the value you created. The value could be better health, enjoyment, empowerment, anything you can do to better other people's lives. World is where you create value and I create value. Then we exchange our value to live better. Paper money just makes it easier to exchange. Now you know you create value and people SHOULD PAY for it. That is business. The more value you create, the more people you serve, the more money you have. So, not every rich man is good man, but good man should be rich(or will be rich).

4. We have enough political organizations, but we do not have any business organization that set the trend or culture for Uyghur business. Business is not something you can teach people in classroom. It has to be taught in real business environment. Very soon, we will see this kind of organizations. We will soon see many successful Uyghur entrepreneurs. Let's do not take silence of Uyghur people as sign of weakness or failure. Every big movement in history is preceded by very big silence.(that is the silence of Uyghur people which is scaring the Chinese government)

5. People think it is better to start from high to reach higher. But in reality, every big business was started from small. Every business started from big failed. You may start big to pay too much to learn a lesson, or you start from small to keep your business education cost low.

Uyghur business and political leaders are already born. They are just taking their time to develop and display their qualities. Uyghur people are already set to rule and live better in their land. But they are just taking their time to develop their abilities to manage their land. Uyghur people already felt the need for freedom inside their heart.(You do not dear something unless you lost it and wanted it too much. Once you know something is missing in your life, you live your life to get it).But it is only matter of time before the need for freedom guide people actions to bring some bold effect.

Dr. Qahar Barat said (if he authored the above post) some Uyghur elites who did great things at home sank into sand after they made it to abroad. It is what it looks like. Great things demand great quality. Great quality do not come over night. It takes great time. Great people did great things at home and suffer great failures. So they have to take great time to think greately through their greate failures before they do great things again. Because we all know that great people in history were the ones who makes very little or no noise before they do great things. Great people are great no because they do great things, but because they think great. Just let's all remember that great moment only comes after a great silence, at home also in abroad.

12-12-07, 00:01
Nice try for playing the mjusic to the cows.
You sound like a friendly Chinese businessman.

12-12-07, 00:52
yeah, someone thinks he knows best, and everyone else knows shit.

take ur time, take ur business and also take ur shit with you.